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  • Funny Things Your Ancestors Said

    Dec 19

    Every generation has its own collection of slang words or phrases. Some remain for several generations, others have a 'short life span'. Knowing some of these key words and terms can help you better understand a great grandparent's generation. Also at the next family gathering to see how many people can correctly identify. From the 1910s: ding-b...


  • How Fashion Helps Put Dates on Photos

    Dec 18

    Every photo has its own mystery. Who are the people in the photo? Where was it taken? What year was it taken in? These are the questions that genealogists need to find answers for when they go through boxes of old family photos. It turns out that fashion can help you discover how old a particular photo is. Fashion is definitely something ...


  • Cyndi’s List ~~ A Treasure Chest

    Dec 17

    Maybe you have searched the numerous categories of genealogical resources listed on Cyndi's List. But if you have not in the last six months, you are long overdue. The list of categories and topics keeps expanding and being updated. A link that was active 2 years ago could have been changed or even shut down. The addition of new links is the most i...


  • The History of Christmas Cards

    Dec 16

    Have you finished sending out all your Christmas cards? Sending Christmas cards out to family and friends is an longstanding tradition. As such, many of us take the time (and spend the money) to send a Christmas card to a long list of people. Some of them may be people we don't even connect with at any other time if the year. Have you ever wond...


  • Hints to Get Grandma to ‘Talk’

    Dec 15

    With the family getting together over the next few weeks, this is an excellent opportunity to learn about some the family tales, stories and legends. Of course that is not always easy to get a grandparent, great aunt or uncle to open up and starting telling some family stories. So here are a few suggestions to get the conversation started. First...


  • Christmas Surnames

    Dec 13

    Did it ever occur to you that families could have a surname associated with Christmas traditions? Some you wouldn't be as surprised by like, 'Claus' has in the USA over 1,300 or 'Santa', has 370 individuals. The name 'Christmas' has 1,499 people with that surname, which is quite a few. The most with the Christmas surname, based on the Crestleaf dat...


  • Storage of Photos with Amazon Cloud

    Dec 11

    Many methods to store one's digital photos and using a couple different ways is the preferred and safest avenue. You have the scanned and digital photos on your computer. Also have them on a disc and / or thumb / flash drive. Use the 'Cloud' method as an alternative method also.   One of the recommended 'cloud' storage services is with Amazo...


  • Happy Genetics Starts With Unexpectedly Healthy People

    Dec 10

    Genealogists sometimes discover that a certain disease or condition “runs in their family”. Often, people choose to have their DNA tested because they have reason to be concerned about developing the disease that their relatives had. There is a more positive way to view DNA testing. It is referred to as “happy genetics” and it involves l...


  • Family History Researchers – Might Need These

    Dec 9

    Need some ideas for anyone in the family who does research on the family ancestors? Or need to add some suggestions to the gift list for yourself? Holiday Season is here. Here are a few ideas that might like to have. The are several good genealogical magazine subscriptions in print or for online that can be very helpful. There is Ancestry Magazi...


  • History of the Polaroid Camera

    Dec 8

    The things that you grew up with, and look back upon with nostalgia, are probably foreign objects to your children. The games you played outside with the kids in your neighborhood have been replaced by video games (played with kids across the world). Today, teens get out their smartphones so they can take “selfies”. They might not quite unde...


  • Nicknames

    Dec 7

    An ancestor having a nickname can prove to be a handicap during your research. A nickname is a substituted for the proper name of a person. It is often considered desirable, symbolizing a form of acceptance, but can sometimes be a form of ridicule. Some nicknames are given by the parents, grandparents or later by school friends. That nickname could...


  • Candid Vintage Photos of 1890s

    Dec 5

    Back in 1880s, it was Paul Martin (1864-1944), by trade a wood engraver for prints in magazines, developed an interest in photography. He started taking everyday photos of the people he encountered. Around 1890 it became possible to combine fast-dry plate negatives with a fairly small camera — the Fallowfield Facile camera of London, England was ...


  • Search for Newspaper Recipe Contests

    Dec 4

    Want to learn more about your female ancestors? There is a resource that you may have been overlooking. This is understandable, considering the fact that this particular resource is not one that has been put online in one place for you to dig through. What you need to look for is the recipe contests from old newspapers. Your ancestor might have...


  • Avoiding Mistakes

    Dec 3

    Be careful now to produce mistakes in your family history research or in turn to place mistakes (unknowingly) into your family database. A major problem is when you locate a whole family tree lineage online and accept / copy every person with every date because some it matches what you know about your family line. Too many times, just about all ...


  • The History of the Snowman

    Dec 2

    Do you want to build a snowman? Many of you have had the opportunity to build a snowman when you were children. Your relatives, who taught you how to build one, learned it when they were kids. It turns out that the snowman has a longer history than you might have realized. You may have spent time building snowmen during the winters when you w...


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