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  • Add an Ancestor’s Portrait on

    Aug 29

    The term 'Portrait Pedigree' is the newest addition to It is a method in a vertical format to add portraits of your ancestors to the family tree. Nothing finer than having the brief information on an ancestor along with their portrait. The program allows you to switch between those trees with a portrait, the fa...


  • Edit Your Family Tree On-The-Go With MyHeritage App

    Aug 28

    We've all run into situations where we are away from our computers and suddenly find a need to access them. Genealogists who do the majority of their research from their home computers can run into this difficulty while working outside of their homes. MyHeritage has a mobile app that enables genealogists to take their family tree on the go. ...


  • The History of Dominoes

    Aug 27

    What kinds of games do your children play? The answer might include several different types of video games. Or, it could be that your kids like to play the kinds of games that have been enjoyed for centuries. Domino games are among the ones that your ancestors may have played. It is still played today. Dominoes are small, flat, blocks of woo...


  • Wedding Anniversaries

    Aug 27

    The exchanging or giving of wedding anniversary gifts is a tradition. So much so there is a list of 'traditional' anniversary gifts based on the number of years married and then the list of 'modern' anniversary gifts for each year. The list does each year from #1 to #15 then every five years. On this date, August 27th - is my 31st wedding annive...


  • Family Bibles from Tennessee

    Aug 25

    The records originally written by our ancestors were usually placed in the family Bible. A center section in most Bibles traditional had several pages for the marking of family births, marriages and deaths. If you have access to a family Bibles, you have a true treasure. If you don't have one, then you could check with other relatives and see if th...


  • Port of Boston

    Aug 23

    Not all immigrates into America came through the New York City ports. Philadelphia, PA and Baltimore, MD had been traditional ports of entry for decades, especially in the 1700s and into the 1800s. In the south, the port of New Orleans was another popular entrance for those wanting to settle in the south or to go west.  Yet, your ancestors may ...


  • New Sources for Prison Records

    Aug 21

    Are you among the genealogists who are shocked to discover that one of your ancestors was a criminal? There was a time when people would keep that a secret, for fear of having their ancestor's misdeeds reflect poorly upon them. Today, the “black sheep” of the family can potentially be the source of some very interesting family history! F...


  • To Use or Not to Use

    Aug 21

    You found on the Internet or in a book; photos, written material, a family tree, illustrations, etc. that fit with your family lineage. The question arises, are you free to use that material? It is all covered by copyright laws. From the U.S. Copyright Office: "The term of copyright for a particular work depends on several factors, including wh...


  • Viewing Voter Registration Forms

    Aug 19

    A most interesting resource that you might want to consider is checking in the hometown or county of your ancestors and see if you can locate their original voter registration. Many of these vintage records have been made digital or microfilmed and could be in the city and / county government voter offices or in their archives. They could be in the...


  • DIY Digitizing Your Family Tree

    Aug 18

    Have you made copies of your genealogy research, old family photos, and copies of vital records of your ancestors yet? What's holding you back? One fire, or natural disaster, could wipe out all those precious pieces of paper. Genealogists should take the time to make digital copies of important documents and photos. Not only does that provide y...


  • Chicago Tribune Online 1847-1991

    Aug 17

    The Chicago area with a long history, if you had any relatives in or around this city by Lake Michigan, you have to investigate what may have written about the person, a business, a neighborhood or just the times in Chicago. Besides news articles there are photos, comics, obituaries, classified and display advertising. The Chicago Tribune has pl...


  • Nazi Poster Baby

    Aug 15

    You never know what might turn up in your family history. For one woman, the fascinating turn of events was not about a grandmother or great aunt, but rather her own childhood. Jacob and Pauline Levinsons (originally from Latvia) of Berlin, Germany on May 17, 1934 were proud parents of a baby daughter, named Hessy. At age six months that had the...


  • Tips for Making Genealogy More Frugal

    Aug 14

    One thing that all genealogists learn early on is that not everything that has to do with genealogy is free. It costs money to get copies of vital records, to access some online genealogy resources, and to be a part of a genealogy or family history club or organization. Wouldn't it be great to find a way to cut down the amount you spend on geneal...


  • Paleography

    Aug 13

    'Paleography' or Palaeography'. It refers to understanding and interpreting handwriting. Usually it is a skill applied to reading medieval writings (1200 to 1600s). Since you might not have ancestral handwritten documents quite that old, even more recent writings over the last 250 years can be difficult to read. If you have such document, use some...


  • Ways to Inspire Others to Learn their Family History

    Aug 12

    People who are not genealogists aren't always very interested in learning about their family history. Many see the research required as a tedious, time consuming, task. It looks a lot more like “homework” than like something that would be fun. Fortunately, there are ways to inspire people to learn their family history. The trick is to spark...


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