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  • British Newspapers Archives

    Jul 23

    Online are the British newspapers archives for most counties and time periods, with millions of pages done so far and adding more each month. Not only the regular news articles of events, but also are the Family Notices (births-marriages-anniversaries-deaths). The obituaries alone are so important to learning about a specific ancestor along with an...


  • Your Story – Who Do You Think You Are?

    Jul 22

    The well-known and loved television program 'Who Do You Think You Are?' begins its 5th season this summer, starting July 23rd on the TLC channel. Featured celebrities on the show will include: Valerie Bertinelli, Kelsey Grammer and Cynthia Nixon. The show takes the viewer through the process of locating a specific branch of a person's family, incl...


  • Japanese-American Confinement Camps of the 1940s

    Jul 21

    From the University of California at Berkeley is available online a database of Japanese-American Evaluation and Resettlement that occurred in America during the early years of World War Two. Many people are not truly aware of the events that happened to whole families who just happened to be Japanese ancestry, how they were forced to moved from...


  • Alabama on My Mind – Archive Photos

    Jul 19

    Was the state of Alabama a place of residence for any of your ancestors, then you will want to check out the Alabama Dept. of Archives and History Digital Collections. Of special interest is the Alabama Photographs and Pictures Collection. This large image collection has over 15,000 pictures, illustrations and photographs relating to Alabama ove...


  • Videoing Family Stories

    Jul 17

    Oral family history is as old as families themselves. Long before writing, one's traditions and history were passed down to later generations by the telling verbally of family stories. True, many of the family stories become tales or legends over the years and not with all the actual truth that it started with. With writing of family stories, pr...


  • Obama, Putin and Merkel All had Family in WWI

    Jul 16

    What do United States President Barack Obama, Russian President Vladimir Putin, and Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel all have in common? The obvious answer is that each of them is the leader of their country. There is another answer that you may be unaware of. All of them had family members who were in World War I. Genealogists may dis...


  • ‘Fresh’ Eyes

    Jul 15

    You have worked and worked to try to locate a specific item about an ancestor. With no success -- it is referred to as 'hitting' a brick wall. Every researcher -- numerous times will experience that feeling. You just can't locate a certain bit of information. While attending a genealogical program recently, the speaker covered about not finding ...


  • The Genetic Explanation for Blond Hair

    Jul 14

    They say that blonds have more fun. You might belong to a family where everyone has blond hair. Or, maybe your family tree includes people with blond hair and also people with a variety of other hair colors. Genealogists may wonder why some members of their family ended up with blond hair while others had dark hair. Scientists have discovered t...


  • Maryland Photos and Documents

    Jul 13

    The state of Maryland was one of the original 13 colonies and then a state, so its history is very long. Many of your ancestors may have lived at one time in Maryland. Available online is the statewide digitization program headquartered at the Enoch Pratt Free Library / State Library Resource Center in Baltimore. The name of the site is now Digital...


  • Ships Carrying Immigrants

    Jul 11

    Available online with The Ships List is 3,500 totally free access web-pages with new databases. As you scroll down the list on the homepage you will have numerous topics and subjects to select from. The categories you might most be interested in would be 'Passenger Lists' and Irish immigrants to America. Also review the topic taps at the top, s...


  • How Much Does Your Genealogy Hobby Cost?

    Jul 10

    Those who love genealogy realize that it is a hobby that comes with many benefits. It helps you learn about your ancestors, connect with living relatives, and explore your heritage. What isn't always noted is the cost of genealogy. It turns out genealogy costs more than a few nights of sleep as a genealogist stays up doing research. Genealogy i...


  • Heirlooms on eBay

    Jul 9

    You just never know or when something relating to your family will turn up. I had just completed some research in reference to two unmarked graves in a family's burial plot at a local cemetery. I located the information using the local newspapers of the times of 1910s to eventually pin point which two relatives were in the only two unmarked graves....


  • Stories of Lives Well Lived

    Jul 8

    We can all learn a lot from our elders. Your older relatives can tell you what life was like when they were children. They can connect you to important historical events by telling you stories about where they were when something big occurred. They can also share wisdom that will teach you how to live a better life. Genealogists can benefit by ...


  • Send Free Vintage Postcards as e-cards

    Jul 8

    The site has recently added a very nice feature -- one where you can send from their collection a free vintage postcard as an e-card to anyone with an email address. I just sent a birthday e-card today for my cousin, who turns 70 years old today. It is not just birthday postcards available, but a large range of postcards. At the turn ...


  • Heart of Kansas – Photos

    Jul 7

    If your ancestors ever lived or worked in the 'Heart of America' ... that would have to be Kansas, either when it was a territory or later a state. So you will be interested in the large collection of information and photos from the University of Kansas. Check the collection of photographs first. Start by browsing the categories. Click on that l...


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