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  • HathiTrust Digital Library

    Apr 23

    This collection of the HathiTrust Project has numerous magazines and periodicals especially aimed at assisting family historians. A major older periodical is "The Genealogical Advertiser" which was a quarterly magazine of family history. Besides the use of treasures from genealogy magazines, especially the vintage ones, check out the magazines w...


  • Map and Chart Tools

    Apr 21

    There are types of specialty maps and charts today to help better understand how our ancestors lived. The University of Oregon's Mapping Project has a wealth of historical time periods and events in digital maps to see the progress and changes over the decades. It starts off with North America and where were the early English, French and Spanish...


  • Resources at New York Public Library

    Apr 19

    With the Internet you no longer have to travel great distances to visit and research in the massive libraries across the country. The New York Digital Library collections are tremendous and available to anyone online. The collections are not just with people and places related to New York, but cover many events, individuals in the country and ev...


  • April 18th – International Day on Monuments and Sites

    Apr 18

    Every small town, major city, county and state has a vast array of monuments representing some event, a person, an activity -- anything that is important for the present day and future generations to know about and remember. One generally thinks of historical monuments or sites such as battle fields, or a the place where something new began (such a...


  • List of Civil War Union Graves

    Apr 17

    With April 2014, this marks 149 years since the end in 1865 of the American Civil War. Everyone in searching their family tree want to know if they had soldier ancestors who fought in the Civil War. Now online is a database listing of Union (the North) soldiers who based on Union records were buried in military cemeteries, whether they died during...


  • Free Printable Charts and Forms for Genealogists

    Apr 16

    Genealogists tend to come up with a whole lot of research. Not all of it easily fits together at first glance. It can also be difficult to figure out which batch of notes the information you are looking for can be found in. Keeping organized is key! Printable forms that are designed for genealogy, such as pedigree charts, research forms, and ...


  • New York Philharmonic Images

    Apr 15

    You might think, there really is such a collection? Yes, a large collection of photos of conductors and performers over the decades has now become digital and online. However, not just photos but most of the sheet music and programs performed by the orchestra. The Digital Archives of the New York Philharmonic features images, programs, scores, p...


  • How to Re-Create an Old Family Photo

    Apr 14

    You have probably seen at least one or two blogs that feature a re-created family photo. The concept has become very popular. The simplest way to explain it is that a family locates a photo from when the children where young. Then, they dress up in similar clothing, stage the same poses, and re-create the family photo after the children have gro...


  • American Places in 1850

    Apr 13

    Many of our ancestors did not arrive in America until the late 1800s into the early 20th century. Yet, you might have quite a few ancestors on one family tree branch or another who did exist in America (a state or territory) in 1850 or earlier. So what was the United States and individual regions, counties, states like in mid-19th century? By us...


  • Foods of Our Ancestors

    Apr 11

    Since food and eating of meals is essential for life, no matter which century, it is fascinating to look back at different time periods to see what might have been typical food dishes for our ancestors. By examining the 18th century (1700s) food time line, we can better see the types of food and meals available for our relatives. Many of these same...


  • Apps and Add-Ons that Make the Internet Even Better!

    Apr 10

    What are your favorite websites that you use as resources for genealogy or family history? Those awesome websites can be made even better if you use the add-ons that work with them. Their apps are helpful because they enable you to connect with the website while you are away from your computer. All you need is a smartphone that the app is compat...


  • Discovery Adds to Family Knowledge

    Apr 10

    You never know when something from your family's past may appear at your 'doorstep'. Many things or events our ancestors participated in or owned may have been tucked away in an attic, a safe deposit box, a vault, buried in the ground or floating at sea for decades. This last situation is what happened for Angela Erdmann, a Berlin, Germany resident...


  • Names at Alcatraz

    Apr 9

    Alcatraz is well-known, not as a resort, but rather the most famous national prison in America. Long considered an inescapable prison, it actually did have fourteen attempted escapes involving some 36 prisoners. The inmates were either captured, killed, or drowned in the cold rough waters that surround the island of Alcatraz. It began in the mid...


  • Why Your Daughter Isn’t Named Blodwen

    Apr 8

    Odds are, you didn't decide that the perfect name for your daughter was Blodwen. It is also unlikely that your son is named Cyril. Believe it or not, those names were once very popular in England and Wales. Over time, there have been fewer babies that were given these historic names. Maybe your ancestors had those names. Your great great grand...


  • Granddad’s Old Job

    Apr 7

    Occupations have changed over the decades, not just in recent times but across the centuries, the need is no longer there for certain jobs to be done but rather people learn a new skill and follow that occupation. We can look back 100 to 150 years and see many changes that have taken place as far as jobs. With the electronic age over the last 30...


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