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  • Land Records on

    Oct 25

    There might be one of your ancestors that appears in the U.S. General Land Office Records, 1796–1907 database on One this fee-based site, there are about 2.2 million land patents (applications for land - homesteading). Most do cover the 19th century (1800s) when the majority of land paid with cash or homesteaded property was acquire...


  • New Biographical Resource from Australia

    Oct 23

    Any ancestors who lived or were native to Australia, the newest database, 'Biographical Database of Australia', (BDA) may be just what you need. It has half a million names and it is just starting. Some of the early records used come from convict, muster, census, baptism, marriage and burial manuscript records for most of the New South Wales pop...


  • Why You Can’t Find Your Relative’s Records

    Oct 22

    You've spent hours searching through your favorite online genealogy resources. You dug through old copies of family photos and asked relatives to email you with their memories of family stories. Despite this, you still can find records for Aunt Agnes! Why not? The answer to that frustrating question might be found in the helpful hints in this b...


  • Soldiers – Civil War Graves

    Oct 21

    The Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War (SUVCW) now has created its National Grave Registration Database Project. It is a searchable database available online and is free for everyone to use. Individuals can also submit information on Civil War ancestors. They didn't need to die during the war, so long as a veteran of the Civil War - Union or C...


  • DNA Tests May Reveal the Skeletons in the Family Closet

    Oct 20

    DNA testing can be a bit of a “Pandora's Box”. Once you open it up, you cannot ever put back the information that you learned about your family tree. A DNA test can unintentionally reveal the skeletons in the family closet. Those that learn about family secrets through DNA testing can experience a shock. Some feel that the news is dropped...


  • California Court Records

    Oct 19

    You may not have thought of checking about your ancestors using county court record, but it could prove to be a good resource. Court records can deal with criminal and civil cases and including probate court. A good deal could be learned on relatives and properties of an ancestor this way. A good place to start is the online site 'California Cou...


  • Family Home Movies Day

    Oct 18

    Oh yes - family home movies - whether they are 8 mm, Super 8, 16 mm film, or the old VHS tapes, they can be the most cherished family memories and can not be replaced. It can show a time, event and people that can not be repeated. Some family movies can even date to the early 1920s. However, those memories can be played, relived and shared with gen...


  • Pacific Coast Newspapers

    Oct 17

    An assortment of newspapers is still one of the best methods to uncover new information on ancestors. Just about everyone had their name in the local newspaper sometime in their life.   Birth, marriage and death announcements are the most frequent, but also just everyday happenings. The purchase of property, a new business opened up, the illness...


  • Gravestones – Then and Now

    Oct 16

    Gravestones can provide a wealth of information to genealogists. This is probably why many genealogists enjoy visiting graveyards. It explains why so many people are willing to photograph gravestones and post them online in resources that can be shared with other genealogists. That being said, while some things about gravestones have remained th...


  • The Sinister Side

    Oct 15

    Sometimes people are worried they may find a 'black sheep', 'a skeleton in the closet' or some other shocking or upsetting information about an ancestor. This is sometimes referred to as finding the 'dark side' or 'sinister side' of the family tree. A few of such shocking news can be that your ancestors owned slaves, killed a person, was married...


  • The FBI is Digitizing Records

    Oct 14

    You may have heard that the Federal Bureau of Investigation has been making an effort in converting their paper files into digital ones. At first glance, this may sound like excellent news for genealogists. Unfortunately, these records will not be made available to genealogists. Even so, the story about the records is quite fascinating. The F...


  • That Awesome Photo

    Oct 13

    Generally every family history researcher has at least "one" very special photograph of a specific ancestor. It could be a great uncle, a second cousin, or your youngest brother. It is a photo by itself that speaks volumes about the person's life and character to anyone who sees it. It can make a person say 'Wow!' What a super gift, if you selec...


  • Oct. 18th – Find-A-Grave

    Oct 11

    Locating that ancestor's headstone can be quite rewarding, with information you might not have known before, along with nearby graves of other relatives. You can't always go directly to a family hometown to visit the cemeteries. The next best thing is to use the 'Find-A-Grave' site online. Here people have take the time to photograph headstones in...


  • Advertisements & Ancestors

    Oct 9

    Using vintage newspapers is great for locating an obituary on an ancestors, a good deal can be learned. However, generally the information from an obit was supplied by someone else - spouse, relative or friend. An another idea is to research in those family hometown or county vintage newspapers are advertisements. These were put in by the indivi...


  • The Ice Bucket Challenge is not Trademarked

    Oct 8

    The Ice Bucket Challenge was extremely popular in the summer of 2014. It involved dumping a bucket of ice water over one's head and donations to ALS charities. You may have heard some news about plans for the Ice Bucket Challenge to be trademarked. That did not end up happening. ALS stands for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Some might recog...


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