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Pacheco Family Name


A Spanish and Portugal surname, Pacheco, a Latin term ‘frank’ which referred to a free man. The spelling variations for Pacheco include Pachon and Pachico. In Wales, the county of Glamorgan has the greater Pacheco population. Very few with that surname throughout the rest of England. In Spain the Pacheco name first appeared in the castile region. As Spaniard moved to the Latin American region, the Pacheco name is now found in Venezuela, Barbados, Mexico, Cuba, Costa Rica and Panama. In Scotland, just the county of Lanarkshire has any numbers of families with the Pacheco name. Within the United States the Pacheco surname is found mostly in New Mexico, California, Texas, Colorado and in Massachusetts. Famous: Alex Pacheco (champion baseball player of Venezuela), Jesus Lopez Pacheco (novelist from a Spanish and Canadian background), Abel Pacheco (president of Costa Rica), Francisco Pacheco (singer from Venezuela), Ana Maria Pacheco (artist from Brazil), Jose Emilio Pacheco (writer from Mexico) and Darwin Pacheco (footballer from Honduras).

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