Family Heritage

  • Photocroms

    Dec 21

    At the United States Library of Congress they have recently put online more than 6,000 old full color “photochroms” from around the United States and many locations in other parts of the world. The images date from the 1890s to the 1910s showing many scenes of hometowns. If you had an ancestor from one of these locations, it will be of special ...


  • Google has ‘PhotoScan’

    Dec 19

    It can be a job scanning your vintage photos. However, Google has come up with an improved method for getting your photos in a digital format. PhotoScan is an app used to “take a picture of your pictures.” That is, it will snap photos of all those old pictures, even those in an album. It will then create enhanced digital scans, with automatic ...


  • 75 Years Ago. Pearl Harbor.

    Dec 7

    It was 75 years ago that World War II came to the American shoreline with the 7:48 am attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, the military facilities based there. Japan launched a surprise bomb attack on Pearl Harbor and other U.S. bases in the Pacific, such as Wake Island, Philippines, and Guam. Japan officially declared war on the USA and UK. Canada decl...


  • US Army Serial Numbers

    Dec 5

    Americans have been in numerous wars over the decades but it was not until February 12, 1918, that there was the introduction of US Army serial numbers (SNs). Before that date the main method of identification of soldiers was by the 'roster rolls' or 'muster rolls', the listing of soldiers during a specific time period. The first service numbers ...


  • Civil War Documents Scanned

    Dec 3

    The Virginia Sesquicentennial of the American Civil War Commission (James I. Robertson Jr. Civil War Sesquicentennial Legacy Collection) spent several years going to counties across Virginia asking residents to look in their attics and forgotten chests to see if they had photos, documents, letters, journals, etc related to the American Civil War. ...


  • Three M’s – Massachusetts, Michigan, & Missouri

    Dec 1

    Having some great databases with collections in digital format of photos, maps, posters, vital records, state censuses and military records can be invaluable to the family researcher. If your ancestors remained for a number of years in a specific state, more than likely the state itself has held records and images relating to your family ancestors....


  • 1917 – Hotel Red Book and Directory

    Nov 19

    Did your family own or manage a hotel, even a small one in a small town? Many people stayed in a hotel, when visiting another town for business or visiting family, this was before motels became popular. The Pullman Company published what was titled "The Hotel Red Book and Directory" especially in the early 20th century. Here were advertisements an...


  • Funeral Traditions of Your Ancestors

    Nov 17

    When trying to better understand your ancestors' lives and events that affected them, one aspect that needs to be covered are the times when an ancestor attended a friend's or family member's funeral. These were once common practice and many have been dropped over the decades. Here are a few of the traditional funeral practices: Putting flowers ...


  • Stories of Coincidences

    Nov 15

    As you are gathering some of the stories of your ancestors, one aspect many times overlooked or not investigated by asking relatives are the stories of coincidences. Those chance happenings that proved to be major life changes. It could about a job opportunity, a move to a new location, life-saving incident or meeting one's true love. Everyone has...


  • Veterans’ Records – National Archives

    Nov 11

    The National Archives in Washington, D. C. and its other branches across the nation are closed Friday, Nov. 11th for Veterans Day. However, when it is open, if you have not investigated what records they have you need to start. What you can find there (especially online) include statistics and data relating to the Vietnam War, the Korean War, Worl...