Family Heritage

  • Ledger Books-Journals and Diaries

    Nov 9

    A special collection of ledger books, journals and diaries are being scanned and published as a downloadable PDF file on AncestorsAtRest website. These are original ledger books, journals and diaries from stores, schools, and individuals that have been found and saved. They can cover from 1772 to 1925. The ledger books from merchants can contain a...


  • Slogans to Fight During the Civil War

    Nov 3

    It was April 1861 in the United States and both the Union and Confederates armies needed recruits, and they needed them in a hurry. Not surprisingly, as seen in newspaper advertisements during 1861 to 1865, different groups and branches of the service had competing ads with unusual and even funny slogans. There was need for different types of recr...


  • Favorite Heirlooms

    Oct 17

    Heirlooms represent family wealth, history and memories and we feel fortunate if some exist in a family. These are treasured artifacts once used by an ancestor. We covet them, but often for different reasons. Some individuals like specific items such as a complete silver service because of its monetary value. That goes for gold jewelry, always a fa...


  • Need Ideas of Where to Look Next??

    Sep 1

    Here are some ideas of places to search further to locate your ancestors. Some of these you may have already tried, others never occurred to you as a source of information. So look over the following suggestions and see where you should search next. Re-look at the various Federal Census records, but this time besides seeing your ancestors' househo...


  • Bravery of Our Ancestors

    Aug 25

    Over the centuries, countless events, people, diseases could create fear for our ancestors. Yet, they continued on to meet that challenge head on. So what type of fearful events could our ancestors face? Number one was disease and illness. Only in very recent decades was medical advancements help do away with many fears of sickness due to major pl...


  • Kansas Glass Negatives

    Aug 23

    Finding the lost and forgotten photos is great. There could be untold treasures in such a find. Located at the Fort Hayes State University in Kansas is such a collection. However, these are not ordinary photos but rather glass plates negatives. They were from the William R. Gray Studio in St. John, Stafford County, Kansas. What makes these even bet...


  • Postcards – Lancaster Co, England 1901-1911

    Aug 17

    In the central western portion of England is the county of Lancaster. Many families over the decades lived in Lancaster in cities like Manchester but eventually immigrated to America especially in the early years of the 20th century. Lancaster University has made available online for Free a large collection of about 1,000 postcards either of place...


  • Colonial Philadelphia, PA Land Owners

    Aug 7

    The University of Pennsylvania's University Archives and Records Center has available, FREE online listing of landowners in the West Philadelphia and the greater Philadelphia area at the time of the American Revolution. The record reflects ownership as of October 1777. Even if your family did not own land in Philadelphia as of 1777, they may have a...


  • Minneapolis, Minnesota 1940s Photos

    Aug 5

    It is so great to discover a treasure, in this case hundreds of photos / negatives of people, places and events in Minneapolis, Minnesota in the 1940s. The family of photographer John Glanton found a treasure trove of images from the Twin Cities of the late 1940s, particularly the African-American community and other people and events (such as para...


  • Sons of the American Revolution

    Jul 26

    Most everyone has heard of the DAR - Daughters of the American Revolution started by Flora Adams Darling in 1890 in Washington, D. C. After the American Centennial celebration in 1876 there had been renewed interest in American history yet over the next 15 years all the history-minded clubs created were male oriented such as first organization of d...