Family Heritage

  • Women’s History Month

    Mar 7

      There are several federal governmental agencies and museums honoring America's women during March. From the Library of Congress, the National Archives and Records Administration, National Endowment for the Humanities, National Gallery of Art, National Park Service, Smithsonian Institution, and United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. Besid...


  • Leap Year–Leap Day

    Feb 29

      Every four years there is an extra day added to the calendar, always at the end of February and it is February 29. With the seasons and astronomical events (because the Earth does not orbit around the sun in precisely 365 days) changing over the years and only in whole numbers, it has become necessary to add the extra day every four years. ...


  • Sticky Backs and Photo Booth

    Feb 19

      It is the early 20th century and in England a fellow named Spiro Grossi, from Brighton, England, was a young man in his 20s whose occupation was that of a 'Photographic Printer' in Liverpool. He then moved to Manchester, where Grossi operated two photographic studios, one at 5 Marsden Square, the other at 84 Market Street. He developed th...


  • Mourning Jewelry and Others

    Feb 17

    In the last half of the 19th century, our ancestors then practiced a popular method of remembering the departed relatives and in a way forever keeping them with the living. It was the custom for decades to have some form of mourning jewelry or art form. In the 21st century it might be a bit morbid, but for our ancestors it was very important to the...


  • Scanning those Photos

    Feb 15

    There are several different types of photo scanners available on the market, so select one you can easily use. If you get a flatbed style, then if a photo is in an album that can't be removed, then you can still scan it in the album. The portable scanners do work quickly, scanning many photos in a short time, but works with single photo at a time, ...


  • Other 1890s Census Records

    Feb 13

      A major gap in the U.S. Federal Census exists with most of the 1890 Census destroyed in a 1921 fire. You can trace your ancestors from 1880 to 1900, but that leaves 20 years unaccounted for. Here are a few ideas to help bridge the gap in your research. First, if you have already researched and know some family branches did not arrive in Am...


  • Railroad Men – WW I – UK

    Feb 3

      Since railroad travel became an important method of transportation beginning in the mid-1800s, those who work for the railroad systems across the globe have been numerous. You may have had an ancestor who served in some form for a railway system. To investigate one time frame and location, the United Kingdom's National Railway Museum has p...


  • Australian Newspapers – Trove

    Jan 13

    Using newspapers is very valuable resource in doing family history. Using Trove (National Library of Australia), will assist those who had ancestors living, visiting or working in Australia. However, just like all newspapers, they also carried news events / happenings in other countries. So any unusual or special events in the United States or Engl...


  • TONI – The Ontario Name Index

    Sep 17

    If you have had ancestors from Ontario, Canada, this TONI database name index will be very helpful. In the search box, with over 3.1 millions names indexed can prove to be quite a resource. Place a family name in the box. You may need to try different spellings. The placement of the surname 'Rue' produced 12 results with five of those 'La Rue'....


  • Ancestral Weddings in the 19th Century

    Aug 27

    This being my 32nd wedding anniversary, I'll provide some information on what a wedding for our ancestors in the 1800s might have been. Most weddings were held in a private home - the bride's family or groom's family or even a friend's home. About the 1820's church weddings started becoming more popular, but home weddings continued to remain pop...


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