family stories

  • Coaxing Memories

    Nov 17

    With Thanksgiving and family gatherings over one to 5 days – it is a perfect occasion to start or continue gathering information from family members. Be prepared – have notes, collected dates, names and even photos that need identification. Include a camera, a recorder or video recorder to help get the information down. Before the holiday, sen...


  • Your Family Story to Submit

    May 1

    It can be quite rewarding to make sure a family story, heirloom, hometown, family tradition, military, immigration or artifact is preserved for future generations. Using the online site 'Your Story' you can easily achieve that goal of preservation as well as sharing a story. As you view the homepage site, there are many categories – clothing, fo...


  • Interesting Family Stories

    Mar 5

    In Frederick, MD, there is an interesting local historical character known as Barbara Fritchie who during the American Civil War, 1862, defied the Confederate soldiers as they marched into Frederick warning them not to touch the US flag that hung from her roof. She was a Unionist, in 1863 a poem by John Greenleaf Whittier stated Fritchie said to a...


  • Birth to Death and the Dash in Between

    Jan 21

    The following poem by Linda Ellis provides insight to the placement of a dash between a birth and death dates. “For that dash represents all the time“ that they spent alive on earth. And now only those who loved them know what that little line is worth.” This is the reason families need the family tree, the family lineage and not just t...


  • Family Stories

    Dec 25

    Christmas Day or even a couple days after Christmas when many of the out-of-town relatives are present, spend some evening time retelling family stories. Start with any grandparents or grand aunts/uncles present, the older relatives and have them tell of their Christmas childhoods, the gifts they got or any unusual events. Someone needs to be wri...


  • Father’s Day Ideas

    Jun 15

    On Sunday, June 18th, 2017 will be Father's Day. A great idea is make your father and / or grandfather your genealogical focus that day and hopefully future days. First, make the plans to spend time with him, and set aside time to interview him. Bring a tape recorder and a notebook to take notes. The interview and series of questions don't have to...


  • Email Week

    Jun 11

    The second week of June is recognized as "National Email Week". On average, about 250 – 300 BILLION emails a day are sent worldwide. How better to let your family and friends know about the week, but by sending an email. More important, you should use that week to send out short tidbits of family history to your relatives and close family friend...


  • Tell Your Mom’s Story

    May 17

    Did you spend a nice day with your mother on Mother's Day? One of the easiest relatives to document and tell their life story would be your mother. Not all individuals of course, but most will have their mother still alive or recently passed (using another person) making it easier to get their story. Start by making notes of what you do know alrea...


  • The Family Outhouse

    Apr 1

    Rarely seen today but in a very few remote locations, but at one time the most important small building was the home's 'outhouse' or toilet facilities outside the house by many yards in distance - not indoors. The outhouse had a seat and a hole, no plumbing needed. It would average 3 to 4 feet square by 7 feet high. It was also referred to as a ne...


  • Record or Write the Four Main Family Events

    Mar 19

    The easiest family stories are the ones you know. You, the researcher of the family's history, do need to take the time to write-up or make a digital recording of four specific family events for future generations. If either or both of your parents are alive, then they too need to take the time now to place in some format the information for the fo...