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  • How to Approach Doing the Research

    Apr 21

    You will find that the approach to doing your family history can make a world of difference on your success. Number one - do not expect to locate all family lineage and information in a matter of a few months. It is a large puzzle that was decades in the making and can not be totally solved in a short time. Next - be patient. This mixes with th...


  • Nationalizations Records – FamilySearch

    Apr 13

    Nationalization (becoming an American citizen) was an important event to many immigrates. The process of naturalization started in 1790. Some of the rules included the naturalization of a man could also include his wife becoming a citizen (that last only up to 1922). The man's children (those under the age of 21) were made citizens when the father...


  • Celebrate Siblings

    Apr 9

    On April 10th is recognized as 'Sibling Day'. The learning of who were the siblings for each of your parents, grandparents, great-grandparents is an important aspect of researching your family tree. Not only do you want to celebrate having any siblings and how you all grew up together, but it is important to know more about the siblings your relat...


  • Interesting Irish to English Words

    Apr 5

    There can be certain words or phrases your relatives / ancestors may have used over the years. Many of these words are originally based on the Irish language and then became more a common English word. Here are a few examples. Irish term for family is 'clann' and in English it became 'clan'. Irish terms for whiskey are “Fuisce” or “uisce ...


  • Your World War One ‘Doughboy’ – 100 Years

    Apr 4

    Have you researched to see if there was an American 'Doughboy' in your family tree? First, you need to know that a 'Doughboy' was an American soldier with the U. S. Army or Marine Corps during World War One (what was known then as the 'Great War'). The term was first used during the Mexican-American War from 1846-1848. Several ideas of how it sta...


  • The Family Outhouse

    Apr 1

    Rarely seen today but in a very few remote locations, but at one time the most important small building was the home's 'outhouse' or toilet facilities outside the house by many yards in distance - not indoors. The outhouse had a seat and a hole, no plumbing needed. It would average 3 to 4 feet square by 7 feet high. It was also referred to as a ne...


  • All Fool’s Day

    Mar 31

    A day to play hoaxes and practical jokes on friends, family, co-workers or even strangers, all in the name of 'FUN'. It is not a national holiday but has been a recognized day since the 19th century. Some form of it has existed in numerous countries for centuries. Not just individuals but even newspapers and radio / television stations had pulled h...


  • English and Welsh Surnames

    Mar 31

    In America there are many different surnames from a wide assortment of nations and ethnic groups. For those with an English or Welsh surname (England and Wales) and Isle of Mann, there is an online free site to provide you more information about that name. This site will provide a ranking of some 270,000 surnames with the English or Welsh ethnic b...


  • Unclaimed Properties within USA

    Mar 29

    The NAUPA, the National Association of Unclaimed Properties Administrators, provides online a listing of all states in America with each state's online unclaimed properties search engine. So what is 'unclaimed property?' By law, any deposits, bank accounts, refunds, stocks, safe deposit contents, dividends, etc not claimed after a specific time ...


  • United Kingdom Unclaimed Estates

    Mar 27

    Did you have some recent ancestors who lived and died in the United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland)? If you did, there just might be some form of an unclaimed asset (estate) in their name that the UK government is holding until a relative claims it. Now you can't go back too far, there is a 30 year limit from time of death th...