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This collection known as ‘Linkpedium‘ is a resource directory to everything on the Web about families worldwide and genealogically-relevant information about U.S. states and counties. Most of the directory shows free sources from libraries, other government agencies, genealogical and historical societies, and individuals. There are also items found on the paid subscriptions.

Many different surnames can be searched (well over 9 million) as well as all the states in America and locations found in the United Kingdom and Ireland. The links to specific information are kept up to date with a 98% links still active.

As news links to information sites for doing family research they are added, so Linkpendium does try to stay up-to-date.

With surnames, looking up an example ‘Kershaw’ there were 42 different links. Everything from biographies on individuals with that surname, to places with that name and message boards referring to ‘Kershaw’. One great source is the where you place a surname and it will find reference to that name in its vast array of newspapers.

There are some amazing links to little known online sources. Using Linkpedium is better than using a general search engine, especially since it is geared to family research and history.

If you have not tried this directory, bookmark it and try it on its many levels.

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