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You have worked many hours researching relatives on your family tree. Yet, you wonder, are you missing something, have you overlooked a source.

Using ‘ArchiveGrid‘ from, you can have a list of for a specific hometown. It resources number over 5 million records from over 1,000 archival institutions. On the homepage for ArchiveGrid, you can start by using the map or the listing of states as you scroll down. A suggestion would be to use the search box in the upper right and place the home county or hometown name and the state for your ancestors. 

After you have a location you will see the sources divided into topics or categories, such as people, groups, places, archives, archive locations and topics. With each you scroll down to the full list for each topic.

Placing a search for the town of Frederick, Maryland provided 2,539 records. They are in a List View and in a Summary View — both taps at the top left. Click on the Summary View for the best method to display the topics. 

You can read the summary on each individual source, checking the dates and information to see if any could be of help in your research. There will also be multiple pages, see the numbers to continue as you scroll down to the bottom right side.

For any sources found of interest, click on it and more details about are available where that material can be located.  Give ArchiveGrid a try. 

Photo: Topics for Frederick, Maryland.

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