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  • Celebrating Chinese Canadian Immigration

    Jul 11

    Have you ever wondered about the Chinese immigrant experience in North America? Why they left their homeland? Where they settled? What they did for a living? Discover your ancestors and their story in these unique immigration records on FamilySearch! History of Chinese Immigration to Canada Depending on the year and place, Chinese immigr...


  • Explore The Free Chinese Exclusion Era Collection On Ancestry

    Jul 7

    Ancestry announced the free availability of more than 500,000 records from the Chinese Exclusion Era - a 60 year period in the U.S. and Canada when laws were enacted to restrict immigration and rights of people of Chinese descent. Beyond discovering potential family connections, these significant records offer the opportunity to look into a c...


  • “Originality” by Panda Express Focuses on Chinese Americans

    Nov 14

    Once in a while, a fast food restaurant will create some interesting content for their customers to enjoy. Panda Express has created something that family historians with Chinese heritage may want to see. It is called “Originality” and it focuses on Chinese American creative thought leaders. The full title of the Panda Express content is "...


  • Chinese Genealogy

    Oct 19

    The region of China has a very long history with many different political systems; from tribal, to royalty, to democracy, colonialism to communism. Yet, over the centuries many common denominators remained in place. The Chinese traditionally as a cultural group have valued loyalty and stressed the importance of keeping one's word. Discretion i...


  • Find The U.S. Immigration Ports Your Ancestors Used

    Jul 27

    The major U.S. immigration ports in the 19th and 20th centuries were New York, Boston, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Charleston, San Francisco, and New Orleans, FamilySearch wrote. What are Legal Ports of Entry? A port of entry is a location where a person can legally enter the country. Historically, ports of entry were typically seaports. Ho...


  • The Look Of Your Eyebrow Is In Your Genes

    Jun 23

    The first gene mapping study on eyebrow thickness in Europeans discovered three previously unreported genetic loci, The Jerusalem Post reported.  Cosmetics including eye pencils, shadow, or powder can help you create your look, but according to a new study conducted by the International Visible Trait Genetics (VisGen) Consortium, and publi...


  • 23andMe Adds More Detail For Indigenous Mexican Ancestry

    Jun 14

    23andMe has added finer details for customers with roots that trace back to Indigenous American ancestors from 28 different regions in what is now Mexico. The update is part of our continuing work to improve 23andMe’s Ancestry reports and features. This new update allows customers with Indigenous American ancestry from one of these Geneti...


  • 23andMe Adds More Details For Indigenous Caribbean Ancestry

    May 9

    23andMe has added finer detail for customers with roots that trace back to four Indigenous Caribbean populations, which include Indigenous ancestry in Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Cuba, and the Southern Caribbean. The update is part of our continuing work to improve ancestry reports and features. This new update allows customers wit...


  • What To Expect From FamilySearch in 2023

    Jan 19

    FamilySearch is excited to provide its annual glimpse into plans for the coming year to help individuals worldwide make fun personal and family discoveries. In 2023, FamilySearch patrons can expect free access to more of the world’s genealogical records, new search capabilities, more free help, and more localized discovery. RootsTech 2023...


  • Study Identifies Genetic Links to Dyslexia

    Nov 29

    A study titled: “Discovery of 42 genome-wide significant loci associated with dyslexia” was posted on Nature. It was published on October 20, 2022. There are many scientists and groups who contributed to it. The Abstract states: Reading and writing are crucial life skills but roughly one in ten children are affected by dyslexia, which c...