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  • Just Google It!

    Jan 26

    Google is a great tool for genealogists to use. Not everyone realizes this because Google isn't specifically a genealogy website. Even so, giving Google a try could lead to interesting and useful results. Here are just a few of the ways that using Google can help with your genealogy research. Google News Archive Search Looking for an obituar...


  • WorldCat Adds FamilySearch Catalog

    Jan 24

    Have you tried using WorldCat yet? It is a resource for genealogists that has recently been mentioned on the blog of the National Genealogical Society (NGS). It is safe to say that anything the NGS is excited about is a great resource! WorldCat is the world's largest library catalog. Sign in, and you are able to to use the search engine to ...


  • GeneLink Biosciences in Trouble with FTC

    Jan 16

    Recently, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) ordered 23andMe to halt sales of their DNA testing kits. Now, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has brought a lawsuit against another company that sells direct-to-consumer DNA test kits. The FTC feels that GeneLink Biosciences (and its former subsidiary foru International) have made claims that wer...


  • Finding Information in Unexpected Places

    Jan 15

    Beginning genealogists often turn to resources such as or FamilySearch when they want to begin doing research on their family. Both of those websites are useful and popular. However, they aren't the only places that hold valuable information about your family history. Try looking into some of these unexpected places to find genealogy ...


  • Tips for organizing family photos

    Jan 12

    Tips for Organizing Family Photos (and when to throw them away!) Ready to go through that box of old family photos? This is the type of task that looks deceptively easy, but can actually be really time consuming. Fortunately, there are several tips that will help you to efficiently organize all those family photos. Break the task into small ...


  • Three Tips to help you Organize your Family Tree Research

    Jan 10

    Genealogy is a hobby that tends to generate a lot of “paperwork”. It could take the form of stacks of papers sitting on a desk, or batches of files in your computer. You will need to find ways to keep it all organized so you can access what you need when you need it. Try these three ideas to organize your genealogy research. Follow a Resear...


  • Put a giant family tree on your wall!

    Jan 8

    How do you display your family photos? Most people put them into nice frames and hang them on a wall. If you are feeling a bit creative, you can display those photos in a way that reflects your family tree. Here is a step by step guide to help you put a giant family tree on your wall. Step One: Organize your family photos. Sort through the b...


  • Fun Genealogy Activities for Kids

    Jan 7

    Want to get your kids interested in genealogy? Young children may not be ready for the intense research that genealogy work requires. Fortunately, there are some fun family tree activities that are designed with children in mind. Here are a few to get started with. Picture Pedigree Chart FamilySearch has a free, downloadable, Picture Pedi...


  • Check out these Free Genealogy Resources!

    Dec 19

    Check out these Free Genealogy Resources! There are several free genealogy resources that you can take advantage of. Each has its own focus. You might be able to find what you are searching for without having to spend money. Here are a few free genealogy resources that you should check out. Library Edition You probably already k...


  • Children’s Games Your Ancestors Played

    Dec 19

    The games that children play today are very different from the ones that your ancestors played when they were kids. Many of these simple games have survived through the ages, but may have wained in popularity. You may have played some of them without realizing how old they actually are. Here is a brief history lesson about some of the games that ...