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  • Life Lessons

    Nov 2

    When someone passes away, it is easy to think about all the things that person taught you. Especially a parent or a grandparent. But, all kinds of people influence us in our lives. It doesn't have to be a parent that we pay tribute to, but anyone that is a great teacher, and influenced our lives in a way that will change us forever. Adding a lay...


  • Free Vintage Frames

    Oct 31

    I have blogged before about the benefits of free scrapbooking papers and wanted to share another little treasure I found that has endless possibilities. And, of course, it's another freebie! Just what we all like to hear, right? I also stumbled across this beautiful project where you can create a family tree wreath. Love this idea!! As I was rea...


  • A Layout About Your Locks

    Oct 27

    Did your Mom ever save a lock of your hair? My Mom did. In fact, in my childhood photo album, I have more than just a lock. My Mom saved a huge chunk of my hair from my first real haircut. When I look at it, I think it's kind of silly, but the part of me that is a mother totally understands wanting to save that soft, fine baby hair and keep it!! ...


  • Trick or Treat Layout

    Oct 25

    Have you ever wondered if your parents went trick or treating? Do you have pictures of them in their costumes as children? I know I don't, but I would love to see some pictures of my parents dressed up in their favorite costume. It is said that trick or treating started in North America around the 1950's, but did you know that in some other countri...


  • Be Thankful Craft

    Oct 20

    Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays mainly because it happens in the fall and because lots of yummy food is involved. And, oh yeah, I get to remember all my blessings. Sound familiar? Sometimes, it is easy to forget why we have Thanksgiving in the first place. The meal becomes the big deal, and everything else is forgotten. I also love i...


  • Locating the Ancestral Lineage of an African-American Slave Family and their Owner’s Family

    Oct 18

    A major economic and social component in America’s history was the ownership of American slaves, a practice that not only helped build a region, but would eventually cause its downfall. Yet, slavery was far more than a financial aspect, it was a major social and cultural element in the fabric of all Americans during the 18th and 19th centuries. I...


  • Scrapbook Your Family Reunions

    Oct 18

    I used to love my family reunions as a kid. Getting together with all my cousins was always a highlight. Now, it seems that I live too far away, and life is too expensive to hop on a plane back to Texas every year for this special occasion. But, I wish it wasn't. Those reunions were a special part of my childhood, and it is something that I want my...


  • Choosing a Child’s Name

    Oct 14

    Naming a child is a big deal to me. I have agonized over every name that we have chosen. Being pregnant right now, I am thinking a lot about this next little guy I'm going to have and what his name is going to be. Unlike our other two children, we are pretty decided on this boy's name before even seeing him. With the other two, we wanted to see the...


  • Mapping your Family History

    Oct 12

    I have blogged before about how you can use maps when scrapbooking your family history. I love the idea of documenting places, and events on a map instead of just listing where something took place. Recently, I came across this tutorial on how to make a map out of scrapbooking supplies for your scrapbooking layouts. Genius right? I just love her us...


  • A Simple Heritage Layout

    Oct 10

    So many times, we don't know where to start when scrapbooking our family history. But it doesn't have to be complicated. If you are one of those lucky people that have a lot of photos of your relatives, start by making a page for each relative that simply pays tribute to their life. Start by choosing a main photo. Make this photo larger than the...