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  • The First Point-Of-Care Test For Lactose Intolerance

    Sep 26

    In a recent study published in The Journal of Applied Laboratory Medicine, researchers evaluated the performance of a compact diagnostic assay that can accurately and rapidly diagnose lactose intolerance using capillary blood and buccal swab samples, News Medical Net, reported. A decrease or absence in the synthesis and activity of the lac...


  • Boys Who Smoke In Early Teens Could Pass Harmful Genetics To Future Children

    Sep 21

    Smoking may not only harm the smoker and those who breathe in the secondhand fumes, but also their future children, UPI News  reported (via Microsoft Start). New research suggests that boys who smoke in their early teens risk passing on harmful genetic traits to future children. The study probed the genetic profiles of 875 people between ...


  • New Resources For FamilySearch Center Volunteers And Workers

    Sep 19

    FamilySearch’s goal is to make genealogical resources more accessible, engaging, and easy to use. As FamilySearch centers  provide resources to patrons all over the world, volunteers and staff members at these centers need some fundamental resources to maintain each center and help patrons have great experiences when visiting. FamilyS...


  • Welsh Last Names: Meanings and Popularity

    Sep 15

    As the land of Dylan Thomas and medieval castles, Wales has a fascinating history rooted in Celtic origins. That history lives on in the country’s chapels, cathedrals, and rolling green hills. If you’re curious about your Welsh heritage, the first step is to learn more about the most common surnames, the Ancestry Team wrote. About 500 ...


  • MyHeritage Adds 89 Million Historical Records

    Sep 13

    What a way to finish the summer! In August 2023 we published 89 million historical records from 37 new historical record collections from Australia, U.K., and the U.S., as well as one collection from all over the world. The records include marriage, death, burial, obituary, as well as one tax collection from all over the world. Many of the col...


  • 23andMe Improves BRCA Report For Communities Underrepresented In Genetic Testing

    Sep 11

    Building on our first FDA authorization for a direct-to-consumer genetic health risk test for cancer, 23andMe received clearance this week to expand the number of genetic test variants covered in our BRAC1/BRAC2 (Selected variants) Genetic Health Risk report. These additional variants are all known to be associated with higher risk for brea...


  • Discover Your Hispanic Roots

    Sep 7

    Hispanic heritage stretches back more than five centuries, bringing together millions of people with their own unique stories. Hispanic individuals have used their experiences to make scientific breakthroughs, develop new technology, negotiate peace treaties, and improve working conditions for people all over the world. They’ve also made imp...


  • Korean Last Names, Naming Traditions, And Meanings

    Aug 28

    The Ancestry Team posted an article about Korean surnames. North Korea and South Korea share a border, but they couldn’t be more different. Referred to as a “hermit kingdom”, North Korea is an isolated country known for its authoritarian government. In contrast, South Korea is heavily influenced by Western culture, making it one of the l...


  • How To Rescue A Family Bible

    Aug 23

    For generations, there were families who carefully recorded meaningful family events into the back of their Bibles. Sometimes, those Bibles are lost, forgotten about, or discarded. A company called Bible Rescue helps rescue those Bibles and return them to a family member. has a blog post written by Patty Taylor regarding rescuing...


  • Tracing Mexican Roots With DNA Records

    Aug 21

    Ancestry has provided helpful information about how to trace your Mexican roots with DNA and records. The information was posted under Family History by Jensen Cordon, Professional Genealogist at Ancestry. Immigration from Mexico to the U.S. has been ongoing for hundreds of years. But tracing your family’s story across time and borders ca...