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  • The Story Behind Women’s History Month

    Feb 26

    Since the 1980s, March has been dedicated to Women’s History Month to celebrate the contributions women have made to society throughout history, Ancestry  reported. Everyone has remarkable women in their families worthy of acknowledgement and celebration, and Ancestry can assist with documenting and discovering the impressive, empowering st...


  • FamilySearch: Host And Sponsor of RootsTech 2024

    Feb 24

    For the past 13 years, FamilySearch has been both the host of the RootsTech conference and one of it’s platinum sponsors. As the world’s largest genealogy conference — which now include a free online experience — RootsTech is a wonderful opportunity for anyone interested in discovering more about their family’s history and preserving...


  • MyHeritage Updated Their Theory Of Family Relativity

    Feb 23

    MyHeritage wrote: We have great news! We’ve just refreshed the data for our Theory of Family Relativity, adding millions of new theories that can help explain your relationship to your DNA Matches. Theory of Family Relativity is a powerful feature for genetic genealogy that helps to streamline your research by explaining how you and your ...


  • The Genetics Of Loneliness And Its Impact On Health

    Feb 21

    23andMe Editor’s Note: We first published this post on the heels of our collaboration with the University of California San Diego researchers. It offers some stark reminders that loneliness has a cost not just on our mental health but our physical health as well. A new report by the Centers for Disease Control reminded us of the growing numb...


  • The Mysteries Of Leap Day

    Feb 19

    Unlike Christmas or the Fourth of July holiday in America, a leap day is not an event that gets a ton of airplay, Ancestry wrote. Once every four years, the Gregorian calendar has an extra day, stretching the year from 365 days to 366. You probably won’t see a February 29 leap day display at your local mega mart, but just because this ex...


  • Samhain Is Celebrated Starting October 31

    Oct 25

    Samhain (a Gaelic word pronounced “sow-win”) is a pagan religious festival originating from an ancient Celtic spiritual tradition. It us usually celebrated from October 31 to November 1 to welcome in the harvest and usher in “the dark half of the year.” according to Celebrants believe that the barriers between the physical...


  • Scientists May Have Found A New Trigger For Parkinson’s Disease

    Oct 20

    A team of scientists appears to have unearthed a previously unknown genetic trigger for Parkinson’s disease - one much more commonly seen in people with recent African ancestry, Gizmodo reported. They found that those who were born with one or two copies of this associated variant were noticeably more likely to develop Parkinson’s. The ...


  • MyHeritage Adds 43 Million Historical Records In September 2023

    Oct 18

    In September 2023, we published 43 million historical records from 43 historical record collections from Belgium, Canada, France, Lithuania, New Zealand, the U.K. and the U.S. The records include birth, marriage, death, divorce, burial, obituary, incarcerations and naturalization. Many of the collections also include images. Search them to dis...


  • Edwardsville’s MCHS Archive Library Becomes FamilySearch Affiliate

    Oct 13

    Local genealogists now have additional resources available for building a family tree, according to a press release from the Madison County Historical Society. The MCHS Archival Library, 801 N. Main St. in Edwardsville, is now a FamilySearch Affiliate Library, which means it has access to more online genealogy resources to help researchers ...


  • More Californians Want Reparations For Slavery

    Oct 11

    The Los Angeles Times reported that, for a strong majority of California voters, the question of whether the Golden State should offer cash payments to the descendants of enslaved African Americans has a clear answer: No. But despite that dark finding, from a new UC Berkeley poll co-sponsored by The Times, most California voters possess a m...