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  • The Lavender Scare May Have Affected Your Relatives

    Jun 14

    The National Archives posted an article titled “These People Are Frightened to Death”. It was written by Judith Adkins in 2016. The article is about the Lavender Scare that caused harm to people who who were “in the closet” in the 1940s. Some of your relatives or ancestors may have been negatively affected by this. Here are some exc...


  • NIH Study Finds Potential Biomarker for SIDS

    Jun 9

    A study was published on the National Library of Medicine website that was titled: “Butyrylcholinerase is a potential biomarker for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome”. The study was undertaken to evaluate BChE activity in infants and young children who had died from SIDS. Mayo Clinic explains that Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) is the...


  • MyHeritage Updated Their Census Helper

    Jun 7

    Just before the release of the 1950 U.S. Census in April 2022, MyHeritage released the Census Helper, a tool that scans your family tree and complies list of your relatives who are very likely to be found in census records. In the initial release the Census Helper calculated a list of family members to find in the newly released 1950 U.S. cens...


  • FamilySearch Webinars For June 2022

    Jun 3

    Enjoy free genealogy webinars in June 2022 provided by the FamilySearch Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah.  This month’s impressive line-up of online classes includes a 2-day series on Welsh genealogy, two specific classes on Chinese research, one session for Spanish speakers entitled La Investigación genealógica en Sudam...


  • 23andMe Has A Study About Long COVID

    Jun 1

    In what is among the largest studies of long COVID to date, researchers at 23andMe confirm that it disproportionately impacts women, and being diagnosed with depression or anxiety is associated with more than a two-fold increase in risk for the condition. The study also found that about half of those with persistent symptoms are experiencing ...


  • Purdue University Announces TS Genetics Study

    May 28

    Researchers at Purdue University have been working to find a cure for Tourette syndrome since the neurological disorder was first documented in 1885. Purdue University’s progress in that work in recent years is now being rewarded with a $2.6 million grant from the National Institute of Mental Health for further TS research. Mayo Clinic ex...


  • Bill To Protect African American Graves Failed

    May 26

    The Black Heritage Trail website provides information about the African Burial Ground Memorial. It is located on Chestnut Street in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. The cemetery was actively used into the late 1700s, when the area west of Chestnut Street was part of the undeveloped outskirts of Portsmouth.  As the town flourished and developed ...


  • Things Women Couldn’t Do Before 1971

    May 24

    photo by malleja retsan reunassa Every so often, something is posted on social media that gets reposted or retweeted because people think that it is true. Often, the original source of that information is unknown. Recently, someone put a post on Facebook about things that women could not do in 1971. What was true? What was false? USA Today ...


  • Talequah Public Library Has Genealogy Tools

    May 19

    Tahlequah Public Library is part of the Eastern Oklahoma Library System, a multi-county organization providing public library service through fifteen libraries in six counties, including Cherokee County. Tahlequah Public Library has access to resources through the Eastern Oklahoma Library System. The Tahlequah Public Library hosts technolog...


  • Parkinson Foundation Expands Free At-Home Genetic Testing

    May 17

    The Parkinson Foundation is expanding its free genetic testing initiative in an effort to connect a broader and more diverse set of candidates to clinical trials that could lead to future treatments. Its project, PD GENEration: Mapping Future of Parkinson’s Disease, now has 23 actively enrolling participant sites in addition to ongoing at-h...