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  • 23andMe is More Inclusive for All Genders

    Sep 9

    23andMe announced some important updates to give customers greater control over tailoring their product experience so it more accurately reflects their gender. 23andMe now allows customers to distinguish between their sex assigned at birth and their gender. This allows all customers, but especially their transgender and/or non-binary custom...


  • Ancestry Adds New Freedmen’s Bureau Collection

    Sep 7

    Ancestry spotlighted an important, yet often overlooked, part of American history by unveiling the world’s largest digitized and searchable collection of Freedmen’s Bureau and Freedman’s Bank records. This addition of more than 3.5 million records can help descendants of previously enslaved people in the U.S. learn more about their famil...


  • MyHeritage Improved Their Family Tree

    Sep 2

    MyHeritage announced that the most popular views for family trees on MyHeritage has been improved with a new design. This will make it easier to navigate your family tree and make new discoveries. The improvements include a new Relationship diagram that enables you to visualize your relationship to people in the family tree and understand h...


  • Ancestry Makes its Terms and Conditions Clearer

    Aug 26

    Ancestry is committed to ensuring their customers understand the policies that govern the use of their products and services. On Aug. 3, they updated their Terms and Conditions. Ancestry heard back from you that they needed to be more clear about how they manage user provided content. Ancestry appreciates your feedback and have added new, c...


  • MyHeritage Releases Millions of Historical Records from Brazil

    Aug 24

    MyHeritage announced the publication of 9.7 million records from the state of Pernambuco, Brazil from 3 record collections: Pernambuco Births, 1800 - 1920; Marriages, 1800 - 1960; and Deaths, 1820 - 2017. Pernambuco Births and Marriages are new collections to MyHeritage. Pernambuco Deaths was first published last year and is now updated wit...


  • 23andMe Adds 8 New Regions of Indigenous Genetic Ancestry

    Aug 19

    23andMe added eight new regions in North America reflecting Indigenous genetic ancestry. The addition is in response to not just requests from thousands of customers, but also as part of an ongoing effort to create a 23andMe Ancestry Service that better reflects the diverse genetic ancestries of their customers. With guidance from experts i...


  • Findmypast Added 450 Years of Scottish Parish Records

    Aug 17

    Findmypast has published over 10 million new baptism, marriage, and burial records, creating the largest collection of Scottish family history records available online. Findmypast has added a vast new collection of ‘Old Parish Registers’ to the site in collaboration with local archives and organizations across Scotland. Scotland, Parish...


  • MyHeritage has Acquired Filae

    Aug 12

    MyHeritage announced that it has signed agreements to acquire 90.91% of the share capital and 89.11% of the voting rights of Filae, a leading genealogy service in France. Through additional planning steps, MyHeritage’s stake in Filae will increase later on to 100% Filae is a leading family history service in France, through TreeHouse Juni...


  • Study Identifies Genes Associated with Longer Reproductive Lifespan

    Aug 10

    23andMe pointed out a new study that identified genes linked to longer fertility in women. The study comes as data shows a sharp decline in birth rates during the pandemic, which accentuated a decades-long trend in women putting off having children until later in life. The study was published in the journal Nature and was titled: “Genetic...


  • RootsTech Connect 2022 Will Be Fully Virtual

    Aug 5

    FamilySearch announced that RootsTech Connect 2022 will take place on March 3-5, 2022, as a fully virtual family history event. After welcoming over one million visitors from over 240 countries to its 2021 online event, RootsTech Connect 2021 was the largest in the history of RootsTech, and spectacular proof of humanity’s interest globall...