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  • What A Genetic Match Really Means

    Apr 19

    In 2022, we reported the DNA sequences of 33 medieval people buried in a Jewish cemetery in Germany, The Conversation wrote (via Microsoft Start). Not long after we made the data publicly available, people started comparing their own DNA with that of the 14th-century German Jews, finding many “matches.” These medieval individuals had DNA f...


  • Need 10,000 Daily Steps To Prevent Obesity? It May Depend On Genetics

    Apr 17

    The daily step count needed to reduce the risk of obesity may be largely dependent on genetics, a retrospective cohort study indicates, according to MedPage Today. Among U.S. adults without obesity in the All of Us Research Program, incidence of obesity over a median follow-up of 5.4 years was 13% for those in the lowest quartile of BMI pol...


  • More Than 200 Veterans’ Graves Restored At Historic Fairview Cemetery

    Apr 12

    As the sun shined brightly in the Tuesday morning sky, four members of the American Legion Post 13 rifle detail stood at attention. In front of them stood roughly 205 graves, each of them marking a New Mexican veteran, Albuquerque Journal reported. Each grave featured a pearl white tombstone shooting out of the red rocks that surrounded it....


  • Tracing British Roots With DNA and Records

    Apr 10

    Britain, particularly England and Wales, has a rich legacy of historical documents where we can find traces of our ancestors’ lives, Christina Copland, PHD, Professional Genealogist at Ancestry, wrote. Nonetheless, building your British family tree doesn’t come without challenges. The past 300 years have been a time if increasing migrat...


  • 23andMe’s Historical Matches

    Apr 5

    Are you distantly related to the legendary, like the great musical genius Ludwig Van Beethoven? Perhaps you are genetically related to a high-status Viking woman form the 9th century who was buried in an ornate coffin with ornaments made of copper and a comb made form antlers? Maybe you’re linked to an African female Hunter-Gatherer buried w...


  • MyHeritage Adds 707 Million Historical Records in March 2024

    Apr 3

    In March of 2024, MyHeritage published 707 million historical records in 17 historical record collections from the United States, Australia, Denmark, England, France, Northern Ireland, and Wales. The records include birth and baptism records, marriage and divorce records, death and burial records, census records, immigration and emigration rec...


  • 23andMe Launches New Genetic Reports On Common Forms of Cancer

    Mar 28

    Business Insider reported on March 6, 2024 - 23andMe Holding Co., a leading human genetics and biopharmaceutical company, released three new genetic reports for 23andMe+ members on breast, colorectal and prostate cancer. The reports are based on statistical models known as polygenetic risk scores (PRS), developed by 23andMe through its proprie...


  • California Assembly Passes Reparations Resolution

    Mar 26

    The process the California Legislative Black Caucus (CLBC) promised to initiate to pass a package of reparations bills began Feb. 26, on the Assembly floor at the State Capitol with the passage of Assembly Concurrent Resolution (ACR) 135, Antonio Ray Harvey reported for the Sacramento Observer. Authored by Assemblymember Akilah Weber (D-La....


  • New Free Historical Records On FamilySearch

    Mar 21

    FamilySearch has expanded its free online archives on 22 January 2024 with over 21 million new indexed family history records from all over the world, including 16 million from Russia, and 2.7 million from the Czech Republic. Other significant record expansions occurred in collections for Argentina, Brazil, Columbia, the Dominican Republic, E...


  • 5 Reasons Why We Need To Talk About Genetics

    Mar 19

    Psychology Today posted interesting information about why we need to talk about genetics. One: DNA is everywhere Today, the number of customers of genetic testing services likely exceeds 60 million people. Genomic data features in all areas of life: They inform clinical diagnoses and disease treatment just as mochas they help ensure the...


  • MyHeritage Adds 168 Million Historical Records in February 2024

    Mar 14

    In February 2024, we published 168 million historical records from 18 historical record collections from the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Austria, Czechia, Germany, Peru, and Wales. The records include newspapers, passenger lists, marriage licenses, civil registration of births, electoral registers, and telephone directories. ...


  • Studying Colorectal Cancer Within The Black Community

    Mar 11

    In time for Colon Cancer Awareness Month, 23andMe launched its Genetic Insights into Colorectal Cancer in the Black Community study this week that we hope will help improve the performance of genetic report models that could help alert those with a higher likelihood of developing colorectal cancer. Awareness March is Colon Cancer Awarene...


  • Celebrating National Arab American Heritage Month

    Mar 7

    Arab Americans are responsible for advances in diplomacy, science, technology, civil rights, social justice, art, and culture. The U.S. Department of State estimates that Arab Americans account for around 3 million members of the country’s population. While Arab American Foundation started an initiative to celebrate Arab American Heritage Mo...


  • Volunteers Reclaim Historic Cemetery In Roanoke

    Feb 29

    More than 30,000 cars pass Old Lick Cemetery every day, but for decades the wooded hillside near Interstate 581 has been a mystery to many in western Virginia, Roanoke-Lynchburg reported (via Microsoft Start). Darnell Wood grew up nearby. “And I had walked by this cemetery many times in my youth coming from Lincoln Terrace area and going...


  • Black California Lawmakers Introducing Package of Reparation Bills

    Feb 27

    Members of California’s Legislative Black Caucus on Wednesday will deliver a package of 14 reparations bills they are introducing to right historic wrongs carried out against the Black community, Reuters reported. The Bills are meant to be the first step in a multi-year effort. Among several issues, they would compensate people whose prop...


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