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  • Digital Books

    Apr 5

    From the Internet Archive, they have put together a massive collection of classic and newer books covering all types of subjects, time periods, fiction and non-fiction. While you are at home, it is perfect to do some reading of those books you have had on your list. There are 1,429,200 books to select from and read on your desktop computer, ...


  • Other Entry Ports—Baltimore 1897-1952

    Apr 3

    So many times one figures their ancestors first entered into the United States from their native homelands at Ellis Island or Castle Garden, both in New York or Boston Port but many immigrants did come to the port of Baltimore, Maryland. Now not just immigrants arriving but Americans departing at the Port of Baltimore to vacations or business...


  • Ancestry Supports the Community During COVID-19

    Apr 2

    Ancestry's President and CEO, Margo Georgiadis, believes it is important that we approach this time of uncertainty with a sense of calm and responsibility – for our families, colleagues, and our members. They are offering support for those who are stuck at home due to COVID-19. At home educational resources for families and teachers: With...


  • Self-Isolation / Quarantined – Write

    Apr 1

    With it now April 1st, you may have already been self-isolated or quarantined for some time plus additional time into April. Here is a great idea to produce a historical record for future generations of this time – not just the events in your state or nation, but you personally or that of your family members. Write down what it has been li...


  • Heirlooms – Preserve

    Mar 31

    This might be a good time for most people to make sure they have family heirlooms in their possession or those belonging parents / grandparents are documented. Heirlooms can include photos, household items, clothing, blankets, jewelry, silverware, certificates, documents, family Bibles, rifles, swords, furniture, dishes, or anything of import...


  • Family Historians in 2092 Won’t Have Much

    Mar 29

    Yes, this is a US Federal Census year. Hopefully, everyone is counted, hard to predict now with the COVID virus-19 across the nation. But if everyone is finally counted for 2020, descendants and other researchers 72 years from now, year 2092, when the 2020 census information is released, will find much less family information compared to oth...


  • Using Facebook – Family Hometowns & Surnames

    Mar 27

    Facebook is a vast social media source – a method to connect to many people across the nation and the globe. By connecting you might locate information, records or photos related to your ancestors. With Facebook there are many categories – hometowns, states, counties, cities along with a vast listing of surnames (just not all surnames)...


  • Explore

    Mar 25

    While many of us are home now due to the virus 19 crisis, this can be a great opportunity to really take time to explore and research specific databases. If you have not recently spent a good deal of time using – now is the time. Remember to sign-in or create an account – then begin. Going to the 'Search' portion is...


  • New Genetic Association Identified for Heart Failure

    Mar 24

    23andMe announced that researchers at Johns Hopkins University have identified three genes associated with heart failure, a devastating condition that affects an estimated 23 million people worldwide. The study was originally published in the journal Nature Communications. The study offers researchers new insight into the underlying biology...


  • How Did A Couple Meet?

    Mar 23

    Don't miss an opportunity to answer this family question. The best source is the couple themselves or at least one of the spouses. This should also be answered by yourself – the researcher, write of how you met your spouse. Even if a couple separated or divorced, the information on how they met should be noted. There can be some really i...


  • Suffolk County, MA Probate Cases

    Mar 21

    Boston is the largest city in Suffolk County. Many families have lived and worked in this county. This online collection contains the records of 33,068 Suffolk County in Massachusetts probate cases filed between 1630 and 1841. The probate cases include Wills, guardianships, administrations, and various other types of probate records. The cas...


  • Present-day Famous Irish Descendants

    Mar 19

    If you have even a 'little Irish' as part of your heritage you will be interested in seeing which famous individuals also have a claim to Irish heritage. Some names include: Meryl Streep, John Travolta, Taylor Swift, Ben Stiller, Jack Nicholson and Mariah Carey to name a few. A few you might never have guessed they had Irish heritage, b...


  • Ancestry’s “Make Them Count” Honors Women who Fought for Right to Vote

    Mar 19

    As we approach the Centennial of the 19th Amendment ratification, invites you to Make Them Count. It is a newly added resource that gives you the opportunity to explore your personal connections to, and learn more about, the movement to grant women the right to vote. August 26, 2020, marks the centennial of the ratification of ...


  • Do Irish Research

    Mar 17

    The online research site of 'MyHeritage' is opening its database on Ireland for everyone to use FREE between March 17-22. The site has many vital records to explore, with thousands of names. There is the 1901 and 1911 Irish censuses, marriages in Ireland between 1619-1898, Slater's Directory of Ireland in 1894, 1881, 1870, 1846; Index of...


  • Findmypast has a Brand New Look

    Mar 17

    The Findmypast website looks different now than it has before. It isn't unheard of for websites to get a brand new look every once in a while. These changes were first made on in December of 2019. They have now rolled out to,, and Findmypast wants to inspire as many people a...


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