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  • Ancestry Updated Communities in Asia, Australia, and More

    Aug 4

    Ancestry has unveiled updated AncestryDNA communities to help members who have ties to Asia, Polynesia, South Africa, and Australia. The update enables members to better pinpoint where in the world their ancestor were most likely from. Ancestry is constantly developing new ways for members to learn more about themselves through DNA and is e...


  • Collections from Pomona, CA Library

    Aug 3

    Pomona, California is one of the cities in Los Angeles County in California, located in the Pomona Valley. It is just 30 miles east of the city of Los Angeles. In the last census in 2010 there were about 149,000 residents. It has been an incorporated city since January 1888. The Pomona Public Library has put together a vast collection of d...


  • A Future Letter

    Aug 1

    Doing your family history and the family tree is always looking back in time to what happened and to whom was involved. It is really fascinating to uncover any bit of news or facts about your ancestors, after all, that is how you reached the place you would call home. Yet you can look at it another way, what about in the future, not just w...


  • 1911 Heatwave

    Jul 31

    A good deal of very hot weather across much of the United States during July 2020 but your ancestors had their share of major heat waves. It is good to check if you had relatives in the areas hit with such major heat waves to see if they were affected. One major heatwave was in July of 1911 along the east coast with temperatures in 90s for...


  • Railroads Across US

    Jul 29

    Travel for your ancestors really changed for the better on May 10, 1869. That was when the joining of the Central Pacific and the Union Pacific Railroads was complete, making transcontinental railroad travel possible. The work began in 1862 and took 7 years to complete. Before that the train routes were piece-meal, plus taking stagecoaches,...


  • Roaring 1920s—the Get-Rich Scams

    Jul 27

    Your grandparents who lived during the 1920s, may have been a part of many 'get-rich scams'. With numerous ordinary citizens now having rising incomes and new conveniences available to them such as refrigerators, washing machines and telephones, many individuals were trying new ideas to gather even more wealth. After all, this was...


  • Old Sayings

    Jul 25

    A great collection to add to anyone's family history are the old-times says that you, your parents, grandparents or great grandparents used during their lives. Depending on your age, many of these you will recognize and others not at all. Image young people under the age of 30 having any idea of these phrases and sayings. Stay Tuned – ref...


  • A Small Town in NY seceded from the Union in 1861

    Jul 23

    Even in the 21st century, there are individuals who want to have their state or a portion of their state secede from the United States. You would think that was only in 1860s (with the Civil War that divided the nation) but you may be in a state that is thinking that way today. In recent years there has been such talk in Texas, and Alaska ...


  • MyHeritage Added 8.3 Million Records

    Jul 23

    MyHeritage announced they have added 8.3 million historical records from June of 2020 from six new collections from the U.K., Spain, and New Zealand. Four million records from a World War I medal index were added from the U.K. Three collections from the Vitoria Diocese in Spain were added: a baptism index, a marriage index, and a death in...


  • 1942–Los Angeles Attacked

    Jul 21

    If you had ancestors living in or near Los Angles, California in early 1942, they may have been a part of a most unusual and frightening event, one not known by most people. In the months after December 7, 1941, the attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, America was on edge, especially in California. There had been seven Japanese submarines patrol...


  • Ancestry’s COVID-19 Study Finds Gene Associated with Men

    Jul 21

    Ancestry announced a new, preliminary finding stemming from analysis of Ancestry's COVID-19 Research Study. Ancestry's scientists have identified a DNA region which may be associated with COVID-19 susceptibility near the IVNS1ABP gene. This association, only present in males, could help explain why the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19 se...


  • Rare English Surnames

    Jul 19

    There are many family names or surnames that have or are nearly about to become extinct – no longer exist. So how does this happen and have you come across a long-time family name that also appears to be extinct? Time of war can wipe out a whole generation of young men in a small town or village and very few remain to have children and k...


  • Facts about George Washington

    Jul 17

    Just like is great to learn about the background of an ancestor; how they grew up, their education, their trade skills, any hardships they had to deal it – all which helps define a person in adult life. We can examine a well-known American – the first US President – George Washington to learn more on his background to see what help sha...


  • Florida Guarantees DNA Privacy on Insurance

    Jul 16

    Have you ever worried that the results of your DNA test could be use by insurers to increase the cost of your policy? Florida has become the first state to guarantee DNA privacy for customers' life, disability, and long-term care insurance. Florida's HB 1189 – Genetic Information for Insurance Purposes bill prohibits life insurers and l...


  • Changes to America after the Spanish Flu

    Jul 15

    Spanish flu of 1918-1919 was nearly forgotten about until 2020 COVID-19 pandemic spread across the globe. Everyone speaks of the Great War, (World War One) with many people and programs marking its anniversary in 2017-2019. There were also many who have researched to see if their ancestors served during the war. The numbers are high back th...


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