100 Years Ago - Letter to Santa

santa-letterIt is so heartwarming to read a real-life story where a stranger went out of his way to find information about a lady who lived 1897 to 1979 in New York. She and her husband had no children, nor nieces / nephews to see that a proper headstone engraving was done when the woman died after her husband. Yet, the stranger involved in this story really stepped up to the plate to learn more about this couple and her life when there was no one else to do so.

It all started when the stranger found a letter to Santa written by the lady when she was a small child living with her family a hundred years earlier in the same apartment that the stranger now lived in. He did so much to make sure the child / lady was remembered and honored.

Here is the NY Times article from December 22, 2015 and an update on events with another NY Times article of December 20, 2016. Each a very touching true story of a stranger making sure a lady eh never met or knew was remembered.

Read each and see that there are still caring, unselfish people out there.

Photo: The stonecutter engraved “Loving Wife Mary” into the headstone under Mary McGahan’s husband’s name, 37 years after her death due to the efforts of a stranger.

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