100th Anniversary-End of the Great War

The Armistice that ended the first World War originally known as ‘The Great War’ was signed November 11, 1918 – nearly 100 years ago.

The Virginia Library has made digital their collections of some interesting photos and transcribed documents all related to World War One. On the American home front, residents were to conserve food and purchase war bonds through a series of posters. People recorded their experiences of this time in scrapbooks, postcards, photographs, and diaries that can be explored through this site. 

Some of the topics include: the Mules used in the war; military base hospital; profiles of honor of individuals; various photographs; and portraits of African-American soldiers Virginia.

Using the Table of Contents click on a topic of interest to view its contents. There will be a description of what is covered in the topic. Then scroll down and click on ‘Collection’ to view what is with that topic. This can be done with each collection. 

A fascinating view of the globe’s first great war – with items and scenes from other nations involved, not just in America. 

Photos: Patients at a US based hospital; soldiers in the trenches call headquarters; the deck of the USS Maryland and VA soldier – George Badger Evans.

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