1917 - Hotel Red Book and Directory

hotel-officialhotelredDid your family own or manage a hotel, even a small one in a small town? Many people stayed in a hotel, when visiting another town for business or visiting family, this was before motels became popular.

The Pullman Company published what was titled “The Hotel Red Book and Directory” especially in the early 20th century. Here were advertisements and write-ups on the whole collection of hotels (big and small) across the nation. By being a listing it helped the traveler know what was available in a specific city. This book is for 1917 and very viewable.

Since many people traveled in 1917 via trains, the Pullman Company (Pullman sleepers) had these hotel directories prints and placed on the trains for the hotel-califpassengers.

Today it can be a great help to the family history researcher. If you knew an ancestor went to a certain city on business, you can look up the possible hotels they may have stayed. Better yet, if you have any information of the street or name of the hotel, you might find details.

Then in this directory are the hotel owners and managers, an occupation that your ancestor may have held. There is a search box in the upper right corner to assist in looking for a specific hotel or person.

Use the arrows in the lower right corner to move from one page to another. Each hotel listed is in bold print with details below each name. Use the enlarger button to zoom in.

hotel-morrison-hotel-chicagoIt is fascinating to just see the costs for a fine hotel room back in 1917. Even more interesting of those who like to state there was a private bath with each room. It was more traditional that everyone on one floor shared one bath down the hall.

So a good overview of the places people stayed in 1917, nearly 100 years ago. Also, you might find an ancestor connected to hotel.

Photos: The Hotel Red Book and Directory for 1917; The Hotel in California and the Morrison Hotel in Chicago.

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