1940s – New York City

If you lived or an ancestor lived in the different boroughs of New York City in the 1940s, you will want to look over the collection just placed by New York City Municipal Archives Online Gallery with over 900,000 images of places in the city. Most are photo images, other videos, maps, and audio recordings.

Boroughs of the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Staten Island, and Queens are included. You will see a listing of the collections to the far left. Just click on one of interest, such as ‘Manhattan 1940s Tax Photos’. Note tax photos served as proof for the city of what existed in a specific location for tax purposes.

The narrow sign in front was placed for each photo of a location to identify it in the property descriptions.

Just imagine what you might be able to discover. Even if ancestors did not live in a specific place in the 1940s, say instead in 1928, the home might still have existed in the early 1940s and look very similar to the time your ancestors lived there. 

To have a copy of an image, either screen print it or you can purchase a copy (information on the site).

Photos: Building at 220 Front Street in Manhattan; 1910 home at 37 Scarboro Avenue in Staten Island; and 1901 building at 424 East 143 Street in the Bronx.

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