1950 Census Questions

Coming soon, in the spring of April 2022 — the Census of 1950 will become available to the public. This first census was taken after the end of World War II (1945) and will offer a picture of Americans in the postwar years of explosive growth and change. Many Americans were born in those post-war years, known as ‘baby boomers’. You might be a baby boomer or your parents.

Some of the other changes between 1945 and 1950 were those returning military personnel who got married and starting families, took advantage of the GI Bill, which provided generous amounts of money for college, as well as the “GI loans” providing federal backing of mortgages so families could purchase a home. Due to new housing, the growth of the suburbs began. The US President in 1950 was Harry Truman.

The Census of 1950 taken on April 1, 1950, was the last one to ask if a resident was born abroad and if they had become a naturalized citizen. So many had come to America during the war years or afterward plus many soldiers married individuals in the foreign places they were stationed.

So keep that date of April 1st in mind. If you were born after that date, you would not be listed on the 1950 census. If a grandmother died after that date, say May 1, 1950, she would have been listed on the census.

Many new things will be learned once that 1950 census is released.

Photos: Census Man; Baby counted in 1950 Census and Advanced equipment to count the population in 1950.

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