23andMe Acquired Lemonaid Health

23andMe announced another step toward unlocking the power of genetic health information. 23andMe acquired Lemonaid Health, a telemedicine company, last fall. 

Instead of being treated for an illness, most of us would prefer to avoid getting sick in the first place. But in large measure, our health care system isn’t geared for that. It’s quite good at treating illness, but not so good at preventing it. What if you could turn that system on its head and, through genetic testing, identify the risk for a serious illness or disease before it becomes a problem?

Imagine a different kind of clinical care in which patients and their providers could take action earlier to treat or potentially prevent an illness altogether. 23andMe is taking its first steps to do just that.

“By starting with genetics we can give people, and their healthcare providers, better information about risks and potential treatments,” said Paul Johnson, 23andMe’s Vice President, General Manager, Consumer, and former CEO of Lemonaid Health. “This is a first step toward integrating genetics into everyday care. It has the potential to transform the traditional care experience and make personalized healthcare a reality.”

Starting on May 2, 2022, 23andMe will be offering genetic report consultations with a Lemonaid Health clinician. These licensed and patient-centric healthcare professionals can help customers better understand the potential impact of their genetic risk profile and discuss the next steps. 

Every day, otherwise healthy 23andMe customers learn of genetic variants that could predispose them to a health condition that could be concerning. These are serious, clinically-relevant conditions. For many of these conditions there may be treatments available, so knowing a risk offers customers a chance to take steps to prevent or manage them.

This integration with Lemonaid Health will offer customers who may have learned of an unknown genetic risk through their 23andMe Health Reports, or those who simply have questions about a condition, an opportunity to consult virtually with a clinician about what those risks might mean for them. Together with the clinician, a customer can then create an action plan to address the identified risk if necessary.

The first phase of the integration will focus on a subset of 23andMe’s Genetic Health Risk Reports related to hereditary breast and ovarian cancer syndrome caused by variants in the BRCA genes, MUTHY-associated polyposis (a hereditary colorectal cancer syndrome), and familial hypercholesterolemia which can cause high cholesterol and early heart attacks. 

In addition, 23andMe+ members will have the opportunity to share information related to Pharmocogenetics Reports when it is appropriate for their care plan. These reports focus on genetic variants that can impact how the customer may process certain medicines.

23andMe customers will be able to connect with Lemonaid Health directly through one of these reports. From there, they will be able to schedule a consultation with one of Lemonaid’s physicians or nurse practitioners.

The initial consultation will be $65, and focuses on helping an individual understand their 23andMe reports in the context of their own health and family history, and what next steps they could take. The discussion will focus on the interplay of genetics along with their own personal family health history influences the risk of developing a disease. Confirmatory testing could be recommended at the first consultation. Follow-up virtual visits will be $110 after that initial visit.

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