23andMe Adds Four New Trait Reports

23andMe announced that they have added four new trait reports to its growing list of more than two-dozen trait reports. The new trait reports are the latest in a series of new offerings for 23andMe customers interested in exploring their genetics in a fun way.

23andMe points out that results from 23andMe research are preliminary and are meant for informational purposes only. Their researchers use data from 23andMe customers who consented to participate in research in creating the new trait reports.

The four new trait reports are: Cilantro Taste Aversion, Misophonia, Wake-up Time, and Hair Thickness.

Cilantro is an herb that is found in certain types of foods. Some people enjoy it, while others think it tastes like soap. 23andMe researchers have identified two genetic variants associated with an aversion to cilantro in people of European ancestry.

Those two variants are near genes that determine a person’s sense of smell. Some of those receptors detect aldehydes, which is a component found in soap and a major component of the cilantro aroma.

Misophonia is characterized by an emotional response when they hear someone chewing, sipping, or chomping their food. The emotion can range from feelings of rage to terror. Some scientists think that the response could be an increased connection in the brain with the “fight or flight” response.

23andMe’s new Misophonia trait report looks at a genetic variant near the TENM2 gene, which is involved with brain development. It is associated with higher odds of Misophonia.

What time do you like to wake up? The answer to that question could be genetically influenced.

23andMe researchers looked at data from more than 70,000 customers who consented to research and found 450 genetic variants associated with being a morning person or a night owl. This report uses genetic information and non-genetic information as part of a statistical model to predict what time you’d typically wake up on your days off when you don’t have to wake up for work.

Genetics plays a role in the color of your hair, whether or not you might go bald, and the thickness of the hair you have. The size and shape of your hair follicles influence the thickness of each individual strand of your hair.

23andMe’s Hair Thickness trait report looks at the gene EDAR that is important to follicle development and that plays a large role in the thickness of your hair. In addition, 23andMe has six other reports that look at different hair traits, including: early hair loss, the likelihood of developing a bald spot, hair texture, light or dark hair, red hair, and having a widow’s peak.

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