23andMe Feature Automates Genetic Family Trees

23andMe has added a new feature called Family Tree. It will automatically start your tree based on your list of DNA Relatives. With a new algorithm, 23andMe’s Family Tree predicts how you might be connected to your genetic relatives, so you don’t have to start from scratch.

According to a recent study conducted by 23andMe researchers, more than 50% of respondents wanted to learn more about their family history and family tree from a DNA test. Despite the high awareness and interest in family trees, very few people play an active role in developing their own tree, as 52% of respondents cited difficulty to create and not knowing where to start as the main barriers to creating one.

With 23andMe’s Family Tree, users can see at a glance how family members are related to each other, with very little initial manual work.

To start your Family Tree, you must opt into DNA Relative to see and be seen by your genetic relatives on 23andMe. Then, the Family Tree’s algorithm populates a tree in one go with your predicted genetic relatives, so you can get a head start figuring out whether cousins and other relatives are on your mom’s or dad’s side of the family.

The Family Tree algorithm offers a best guess at what your family tree could look like, but its only a starting point.

Using different editing tools, you can move individual people and groups of relatives elsewhere in the tree. If a relative hasn’t participated in 23andMe’s services, you can still represent them by adding information about additional relatives to your tree.

Fill in your story by adding details about your ancestors, such as a name, photo, and place of birth. You can send a message to a relative on 23andMe, who may offer you more information to fill in the gaps.

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