23andMe is Now a Publicly Traded Company

23andMe became a publicly traded company in June of 2021. Their Nasdaq stock market ticket symbol is “ME”, which seems appropriate. This comes after 23andMe partnered with billionaire Richard Branson’s Virgin Acquisition Group in February of 2021.

At the time, a spokesperson from 23andMe told The Guardian that all its DNA samples were processed in the US and it did not share customer data with any third parties “without the separate, explicit consent of the customer.” Customers can opt to have their DNA sample destroyed or stored at the 23andMe lab, and they could close their accounts at any time,

23andMe’s CEO and Co-founder Anne Wojcicki rang the opening bell at Nasdaq. She spoke some remarks afterwards that included the following paragraph:

“Lastly, I want to conclude with where we are going. 23andMe is more than just a genetics company. We are an activist brand that is approaching health care and drug discovery with the individual at the center, as our partner. We are going to continue pioneering a consumer-centered personalized health care world. We are going to show that drug discovery can be more efficient when you start with a human genetic insight. Over the past 15 years our mission has never wavered: to help people access, understand and benefit from the human genome by actually living a longer, healthier, life.”

CNBC reported that 23andMe has 40 programs underway on its drug discovery platform. 23andMe also recently launched a subscription product to introduce more content and services for consumers who want to take additional steps after their genetic reports.

According to CNBC, 23andMe CEO and Co-founder Anne Wojcicki told CNBC the company is planning to build a big consumer business off its base of 11 million customers and drug research and development platform with near-80% of test takers opting into sharing their genetic information for disease R&D.

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