23andMe Kits Now Available at Best Buy

23andMe announced several options for those who want to purchase a 23andMe test kit. Obviously, you can buy them directly from the 23andMe website. But, there are additional places that also sell them.

23andMe points out that you can buy their test kits at Amazon, at CVS, and at Target. Best Buy has been newly added to that list. 23AndMe says “Going beyond online sales is all part of our effort to make the product more readily available to consumers.”

It makes sense for them to expand, if you think about it. CVS is a pharmacy, and it seems natural for people who are already focused on their health to buy a 23andMe test kit from the same place the pick up their prescription medications. Amazon is probably the largest online retailer, so selling the test kits via Amazon gives 23andMe a larger potential audience.

You can purchase the 23andMe kit from Target.com for $29.99 After you buy it, you need to go to 23andMe and choose which service you would like to receive, and pay the additional lab fee. You can choose either the Ancestry Service for $69 or the Health + Ancestry Service for $169. Next, provide the saliva sample and follow the directions for mailing your sample.

It is now possible to purchase the 23andMe kit from BestBuy.com. The kit itself costs $29.99. Just like with Target, after you purchase the 23andMe kit from Best Buy, you need to visit 23andMe and choose either the Ancestry Service for $69 or the Ancestry + Health Service for $169. Of course, you must then provide the sample and mail it in.

Why is Best Buy a good fit for the 23andMe test kits? 23andMe’s vice president of consumer marketing and acquisition, Jon Ward, explained it this way:

“We believe Best Buy has an audience of early adopters – people who are very open to new technology that help them live better lives. And we think it fits with a lot of the emerging categories at Best Buy, like mobile and health tech.”

If you prefer, you can buy the kit directly from 23andMe. You still get to choose between the Ancestry Service ($99) or the Health + Ancestry Service ($199). It might sound more expensive this way. But if you do the math – it comes to the almost same price as it would if you factor in the $29.99 service price from Target or Best Buy, and added it to the cost of the service you selected.

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