23andMe Launched New Family Health History Tree

23andMe launched a new tool for their Health + Ancestry Service customers in the United States and Canada that can help people become more aware of their family’s health history. It is called Family Health History Tree.

23andMe points out that many people are entirely unaware of their family’s health history. Sometimes, knowledge doesn’t go beyond a person’s parents. Knowing whether hypertension or diabetes or certain types of cancer run in your family could be vital for you.

A family tree provides a visual representation of who you are related to. The Family Health History Tree adds the ability to include important medical conditions, offering you a visual record of current and past health issues for you to your close relatives.

The 23andMe Family Health History Tree is meant to include information about close family members. You may consider including your parents, children, grandparents, siblings, half-siblings, aunts, and uncles. These are the relatives with whom you share the most DNA. Beyond sharing DNA, your close family members also often have other things in common that can influence your health. We might live in the same geographic area, eat the same cuisine, and have similar lifestyle choices, like whether we choose to smoke or drink alcohol. These environmental factors, together with genetics, all play a role in your health

The Family Health History Tree is more than just a record. It is a visual representation of these family connections. Adding in health conditions offers you a better way to track this information to help you and a healthcare professional manage your health.

Before you enter sensitive health information about living relatives to the Family Health History Tree, make sure you have their permission to do so. 23AndMe does not share individual customer data with out consent. They ask you to please respect a person’s wishes to maintain the privacy of their health information when discussing it with others.

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