23andMe Releases Genetic Weight Report

23andMe has released a Genetic Weight Report that is the first of its kind. It combines large scale genetic and non-genetic data plus machine learning to provide personalized portraits of how genes and lifestyle impact weight.

It is not unusual to hear someone say that he or she wants to lose some weight. There is an entire diet industry that is happy to sell programs, products, or exercise plans to people who want to become skinner than they currently are.

A report put together by 23andMe reveals that genes play an important role in not only a person’s weight, but also how their bodies respond to diet and exercise. Perhaps this explains why diet plans and products do not work the same for everyone.

The report used the collection of data from 600,000 23andMe research participants. Scientists from 23andMe used machine learning techniques to estimate BMI based on genetics. Key results from these analyses also showed that lifestyle factors such as diet and exercise may affect weight in a way that is dependent upon a person’s genetic makeup.

The research resulted in a first of its kind Genetic Weight report that incorporates both genetics and lifestyle and calculates a person’s genetic predisposition to weigh more or less on average. This report also provides insight into which lifestyle factors might make the biggest difference for a person’s own weight. The report is based on over 300 variants found to be associated with weight in 23andMe’s own database, and it customized results based on age, sex, and ancestry.

Each personalized Genetic Weight report provides a ranked list of lifestyle factors found to be associated with the biggest weight differences based on each person’s genetic result. It shows how your specific genetics may influence your responses to not only exercise but also certain food choices, and also to factors like sleep and stress. You can use that information to prioritize your own choices for maintaining a healthy weight.

There has been a growing interest in personalized medicine. It is also called personalized, or individualized, medicine.

Personalized medicine can lead to better diagnoses, earlier interventions, more-efficient drug therapies, and customized treatment plans. 23andMe says that the Genetic Weight report marks a first step towards the kind of personalized tailored wellness reports it aims to provide customers.

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