23andMe Teamed Up with Airbnb

23andMe announced that it teamed up with Airbnb in order to offer 23andMe customers a new way to connect with their heritage. Together, the two companies will showcase homes and heritage travel experiences based on a 23andMe customer’s DNA.

Forbes explains how this works. First, a person takes a 23andMe DNA test.┬áThe customer can choose either 23andMe’s Ancestry service or its Health + Ancestry service.

About a month later, that person will receive their DNA results, along with both Airbnb and Experience recommendations corresponding to the countries that the person’s ancestors are from.

23andMe’s pioneering Ancestry Composition allows customers to discover where their DNA is from out of 1000+ regions worldwide while Airbnb offers travelers a way to immerse themselves in the local communities and cultures through enriching experiences.

This new integration comes as more and more 23andMe customers use insights from their Ancestry Composition to connect to their cultural roots and map out their own Heritage Travel. Since 2014, Airbnb has seen a 500 percent increase in the number of guests traveling specifically to explore their heritage.

A survey commissioned by Airbnb showed that within the last five years, 51 percent of those surveyed said they were much more likely to travel to a country of their heritage. Among Airbnb customers, that interest jumped to 62 percent. A survey conducted by 23andMe found that 53 percent of buyers of genetic kits say they decided to take a test because they wanted to learn more about their ancestry.

23andMe said that some of the top places in which it’s customers have recent ancestry outside of the United States and Canada are the United Kingdom, Italy, Mexico, Germany, Ireland, Poland, Mainland China, Spain, Nigeria, India, and Russia.

Most 23andMe customers have at least five populations within their Ancestry Composition report, which presents many opportunities for one to explore heritage travel.

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