75 Years Ago. Pearl Harbor.

ph-bannerIt was 75 years ago that World War II came to the American shoreline with the 7:48 am attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, the military facilities based there. Japan launched a surprise bomb attack on Pearl Harbor and other U.S. bases in the Pacific, such as Wake Island, Philippines, and Guam. Japan officially declared war on the USA and UK. Canada declared war on Japan. The USA, UK, Netherlands and New Zealand declared war on Japan the following day. The War in Europe had now become truly a World War.

ph-attacksIf you have relatives who were older than 4 or 5 years old in December 1941, they may well be able to tell you about their and the family’s reaction to learning American soil had been attacked and 2,203 Americans killed and 1,178 injured. There were also 68 civilians of Hawaii also killed in those attacks.

The attacks came in a couple waves and last overall for 90 minutes. There was little or no escaping by those in ships or on the ground.

Here is a link to the listing of ships and other military facilities that were attacked on December 7th. A note, many of those ships were repaired and put back into service. ph-attacks

Buildings that had bullet holes and damage from the attacks can be seen to this day at many of the active military installations on Oahu, including Schofield Barracks, Wheeler Army Airfield and Hickam Army Air Field. Rather than repair or cover up the damage, the bullet holes serve as a reminder of the lives lost that day.

Here is the link to civilians and military personnel killed on December 7th. This is another listing also. Both good to check.

Go through the link of individuals, checking especially surnames, there maybe a member of your family tree you were unaware of.  There may only be about 2,000 Pearl Harbor survivors still alive today.

Photos: Banner to remember Dec. 7th; two photos of the US ships attacked by Japanese planes that early Sunday morning.

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