FamilySearch Community has a New Look

The FamilySearch Community has been updated with a new look, additional functionality, and navigation enhancements. Members of the FamilySearch Community can answer questions you may have, and you can help others by sharing what you know. Whether you need expert help, or want to connect with others who share your passion for family history, the FamilySearch Community is a great place to be!

Why did the community need to be updated?

According to FamilySearch, the FamilySearch Community was updated to accommodate a better experience for all community members. The new platform is more flexible and more user friendly, and it has been designed to allow for quicker and easier updates. Community members can also choose from a wider range of notification options, get support in a fast and timely manner, send an RSVP for events, and even watch event recordings.

Here is a short list of what is new with the FamilySearch Community:

Site navigation is now more visible and located on the left of the sidebar of the page.

Searching the community is easier because of the prominent search bar on the home page.

The Community Hub section announces changes and updates.

A questions and answers section can be found in the navigation. Each question is sorted into a category (similar to how the Help Center categorizes content) so you can find answers to your questions about specific topics.

A new Events section allows you to see upcoming events, send an RSVP, and even view recordings of some past events!

Notification settings have been added. You control the notifications you want to receive. Do you want an email when someone answers your question? You get to choose!

The update includes an improved mobile experience for easier navigation and greater usability.

The community has breadcrumbs to show you where you are in the site and help you navigate quickly.

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