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Nathan Dylan Goodwin, a native of England, is a writer of genealogical novels and non-fiction who can place a fascinating spin on family history research. He has several different novella-length and short-story length books along with special genealogical crime mysteries.

Goodwin is making available to the public, his genealogical crime mystery titled “The Asylum” with the title character being Morton Farrier who is a forensic genealogist. His goal to solve the unsolved 80-year-old mystery of a person’s death in a county asylum. Use the site posted, go the tab ‘Download the Asylum for free‘ and you will have a digital copy of the book. You also have the opportunity to purchase a paperback copy of the book.

This is a good opportunity to read the writings of Nathan Dylan Goodwin and maybe later read some of his other genealogical writings.

You can contract Goodwin at this site.

Photo: Book cover “The Asylum”

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