A Look at Details in 1950s Census

Yes, it is great the US Federal Census is now available. Especially now we can find family and friends we knew or are still living. Yet there is one special item on that 1950 census you should not overlook.

During that year’s census taking, the enumerators were told to make notes of unusual entries or irregular situations. So what were some of these special notes?

For examples, they wrote on the census records about a turning down a certain street (especially small lanes) to visit homes. Of special interest would be the note they wrote, such as why a name was crossed out along with other comments. One reason, a name was put down and then it was learned the person had died just prior to the official census-taking date.

The special enumerator’s notes could be anywhere on the census page – top, bottom or both locations. To figure which note went with a person listed, the person listing number (which line they were on) was written by the note. If there was any unusual information provided like people’s ages, the enumerator might have also placed a note.

So look closer at any notes anywhere on the census page for those special notes – you might learn some interesting information.

Photo: 1950s US Census

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