A Student to Assist

With Spring Break across the country, it might be a good time to contact students you know in high school or a university to assist you in your research. You wouldn’t have to personally know the students, you might get a referral from a friend or have a notice posted at the school or on a local Facebook page. This includes schools or universities in ancestral hometowns or counties. You could contact a school of miles away for any students of history who would like to earn some extra money over Spring Break.

The research experience would be good for the student and a great benefit for you. Not just local genealogical societies or public libraries but local governmental offices / courthouses should be part of the student’s work locations. You could do the research of microfilm courthouse documents and secure copies of deeds, Wills, military discharge papers, marriages, death certificates, business licenses and selling of property. If the local newspaper is available in the public library, they could scan through the newspapers of a certain time frame to find any related articles about your family.  

Also allow a student to do the research in a local Family History Center. All types of interesting information could be gathered there.

For pay you could set up hourly pay or one set fee for so much accomplished. It could prove to be a long-time relationship. If it doesn’t work out, try another student come summer break.  

Photos: Students doing research.

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