A Timeline Can Help You Stay Organized

A Timeline Can Help You Stay Organized  Find more genealogy blogs at FamilyTree.comIt is important to keep your genealogy research organized. There are many different ways to do it, and what works well for one genealogist might not be the best choice for another. One fairly simple way to keep all the important data organized is by putting it into a timeline.

Professional organizer and amateur genealogist Janine Adams has a very helpful blog called Organize Your Family History. In one of her blog posts, she shares a story about how a timeline helped her to solve a genealogy problem.

She was using Reunion, which is a piece of software that is compatible with Mac computers. It has a companion mobile app called ReunionTouch, which is available for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. Reunion helps people document, store, and display information about their family. You can build a family tree on it.

Reunion also has timeline charts. That is what Janine Adams used to help her figure out the correct date of her great great grandparents wedding. The timeline, plus the information she already had discovered about her ancestors, helped her to figure out that her great great grandparents got married while her great great grandfather was on furlough.

Genealogists can also use Twile to keep their genealogy research organized. Twile takes the information you enter into it and creates a timeline of your family history. You can add birth dates, death dates, and the dates of marriages. It lets you add photos, too. You can use this timeline to keep track of important information about your ancestors and about your living relatives.

Twile gives you the option to keep everything private or to share it with specific family members. You can put together a family tree on Twile. There is a mobile app that connects to the website.

The cool thing about Twile is that it gives people a really clear idea of the dates that significant events happened within a family. Twile was created by Paul Brooks and Kelly Marsden in 2013. They created Twile because they have young children and they wanted the children to have a record of their early years, a knowledge of where they came from, and who their ancestors were.

Genealogists don’t necessarily have to use their computer in order to make a timeline. It is entirely possible to get a giant white board, hang it on the wall in the room you do genealogy research in, and fill it with your family history timeline. You can easily erase mistakes and add new information to it.

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