A Voice with Every Story

everystory-sayingWith putting your family history together you have created a lasting and permanent record to be shared and enjoyed throughout the decades. But something is missing. The family story is not just names, dates and photos — there are numerous stories with each individual, family branch or surname.

The creators of ‘EveryStory‘ have made that possible by allowing collaborators to capture, save and share their favorite family memories. It is a perfect way to add a voice to your collection of family information after your have interviewed relatives.

everystory-logoThis new online site will help individuals organize and make available for sharing photos and the verbal information that goes with them. The site is now in ‘beta’ format and is free to anyone to use. It will eventually have a fee — but then you can still have 500 photos uploaded along with unlimited audio recordings uploaded. If you need to have more than 500 photos, the fee would be $3.99 a month for total unlimited.

What you will have is ‘Cloud-Based’ storage of the photos and vocal recordings. The recordings can be a couple minutes or hours worth as you or someone else tells about a family ancestor or discusses about one or many photos. With the sharing aspect, others can add to the information.

everystory-recordingsThe web site has the details along with the ability for you to sign up if interested, especially to take advantage of the free 500 photo Cloud-Based storage, even if you are not ready to add the vocal recordings. Keeping your scanned images in many different locations for safety reasons is always good. Review ‘EveryStory‘ and see if it can assist you in preserving your family history.

Photos: Logo for EveryStory, Saying and microphone for recordings.

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