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photos-lady-2The term ‘Portrait Pedigree’ is the newest addition to It is a method in a vertical format to add portraits of your ancestors to the family tree. Nothing finer than having the brief information on an ancestor along with their portrait.


The program allows you to switch between those trees with a portrait, the fan shape or without a portrait. You can also click on an individual to get the details of that person’s life — a personal card.


Just create a free account on and upload a family tree or create a new tree. Select the ‘portrait’ style from the drop down on the left. Click on the circle for the ancestor you will add a photo. It doesn’t have to be a professional studio portrait, sometimes all you might have is a candid photo. You will be able to crop the photo so just the head and shoulder of the ancestor is shown.

photos-ladyYou can print the tree with the added photos. Later if another portrait is located, you can switch out

The is a good way to organize and create your family tree. Now yo can add portraits.

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