Add and Share Family Photos and Stories

Walters, enhanced their site this year so individuals could submit their family photos. Within five months there were one million photos available for viewing along with family stories.

All of the images and stories can be shared and stored for decades to come.

To get started create a free account with your names and basic information. If you already have an account, then sign in.

Go to ‘Add Photos’ to submit your own family photos. You will want to label with names those individuals you can identify. Upload the photos from your complete, have them in jpg format.

Directions will be provided on naming (placing a tag) to label the people and place in each photo. Place the circle to tag each person separately. You can do several photos at a time and go back later to add more.

There is a ‘Find’ tab also where you can search if anyone has submitted a photo or story relating to a certain surname. It is a good way to find a distant cousin or two. If the surname is more unusual you might discovery some branches of the family you were unaware of.

Photo:  A family portrait of Alice Louise Walters, my mother’s cousin, and my godmother and for whom I’m named. It was downloaded to the site.

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