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Your family probably has at least one recipe that has been handed down from one generation to the next. Perhaps the recipe was created by your grandmother, and your kids are old enough now for you to pass it down to them. Or, maybe the recipe goes back even farther in your family tree. FamilySearch would like for you to “Savor Your Family’s Story” by sharing that recipe.

It might seem strange to think about it, but food really does play a part in your family story. The foods that your family bakes, cooks, and enjoys may have originated in the countries that your ancestor’s came from. Those foods are significant because they remind your family of their heritage. The foods that connect to religious celebrations remind you of your family’s values.

FamilySearch wants you to add your Recipe Story to a collection that has been started. You can find a variety of recipes featured on FamilySearch. A Recipe Story is not only about the food you are featuring, but also about the family stories that connect to it. There are several samples of other family’s recipe stories for you to view.

To add your Recipe Story, the first thing you need is a FamilySearch account. If you already have one, then all you have to do is sign in to FamilySearch. If not, you can get a FamilySearch account for free.

Are you on Instagram? FamilySearch has gathered up some Recipe Stories that people posted on Instagram and that included #FamilySearch. There are photos of old, hand-written recipe cards that had been handed down from one generation to the next. Other photos show the ingredients, or the completed recipe, along with a short version of the family history story that goes with it.

One person posted a photo of a hand-written recipe from her grandmother, surrounded by the molasses cookies that the recipe is about. The person said that their grandma passed away in 2010. Another person posted a photo of a hand-written recipe card for apple crisp that belonged to her aunt. She put that photo on Instagram the same day that her aunt lost her battle with cancer. These are two examples of how a recipe can make you think of a loved one.

What Recipe Story do you want to share? If you aren’t sure, perhaps the recipes already on FamilySearch will remind you of a recipe that is important to your family. Now might be a good time to go through all those hand-written recipes from your relatives and ancestors and start preserving them.

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