Adopted Man Finds Long Lost Family

AdoptionBobby Walker is 26 years old. Earlier this year, he asked his adoptive mother, Marilyn Walker, for some information about who his birth mother is. There wasn’t a lot of information to give him. He learned that his birth mother was only 13 years old when he was born. He was given a photograph of his birth mother, that was taken in 1995. The woman was 24 years old at the time.

Marilyn Walker has a daughter, whom Bobby grew up with, named Wendy Walker. Wendy is currently 39 years old, which means that she was 13 when her parents took Bobby into foster care. This made Wendy wonder if she might have gone to school with Bobby’s birth mother. Bobby sent the photo of his birth mother to his sister’s cell phone, but Wendy didn’t recognize her.

This is were things get really interesting! Later, Wendy showed the photograph to one of Bobby’s friends, Justin Bedford, who is 26 years old. Justin identified the woman in the photo as his cousin.

Justin figured out that his little brother, Julian, who was adopted, was actually Bobby’s brother. He also knew who Bobby’s sister was. Her name is Ebony Moreau, and she is 21 years old. Suddenly, Bobby Walker had a whole new family to meet!

Of course, he already knew Julian Bedford, who is 20 years old. Bobby and Justin first met when they were in the sixth grade, and the boys became friends. Bobby has visited Justin’s home, so he knew Julian. The two brothers grew up less than two miles from each other, and had known each other for most of their lives!

Even stranger, it turns out that Justin’s family had been searching for Bobby. The Bedford family had a photo of a four week old baby who was named Robert. They only realized recently that Bobby was that baby! Bobby is the oldest of the seven children that his biological mother had. All were adopted to different families.

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