Adoptee Finds Birth Mother and Biological Son

AdoptionA woman named Jo Galloway was adopted when she was a child. Years later, she gave birth to a son, whom she had to give up for adoption. Now, years later, she has become reunited with both her birth mother and her long lost son. Considering how difficult it can be to locate biological family after an adoption has taken place, this story is rather remarkable. Jo Galloway has the unique experience of having a personal understanding of both sides of adoption.

When she was three years old, Jo Galloway learned that she was adopted. She says that she had a happy childhood. She recalls her parents telling her that they had chosen her, and that she was special. But, like many adopted children, Jo began to wonder about her birth mother.

When Jo was eighteen years old, she became pregnant. She gave birth to a son, named Jonathan, who she was able to spend ten days with before having to give him up for adoption. Her own adoptive parents insisted that Jonathan would be better off with two parents. It was this experience that made Jo decide that it was time to look for her birth mother. She said that she understood now how her birth mother must have felt when she gave Jo up for adoption.

She searched for her mother’s last know address, and then had social workers help her to make contact. When they met, they felt as though they had known each other forever. Jo learned that her mother was unmarried when she was pregnant with Jo, and, since it was the 1950’s, she really didn’t have much of a choice except to give her child up for adoption. Jo’s birth mother spent a month with her in the hospital before the adoption took place.

Years later, Jo’s son contacted her by letter. The letter was sent to another family member who sent it to Jo. He also used a genealogy website to help find his birth mother. Jo and her son, who is now an adult, have met. They, too, felt as though they have always know each other.

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jo galloway 4/11/10

Oh, Karin. I'd like to embrace you and enauorcge you with the love of Christ. I admire you for honestly sharing your heart. Rest in Him and know that you are where you are for such a time as this. For however long you have your baby, and for that matter, any one of your children, has been destined by God and orchestrated to bring Him glory. Rest in Faith knowing that He has placed your children with you, and none else, for what you will allow Him to bring to them through you. You can do this, for we can do all things through Christ. Hold fast to His unending love. Remember, and I'm sure you know this, He loves your children more than you. Allow that to comfort instead of provoke worry. Nothing comes to you or your children without being filtered through our Daddy's hands. Focus on the day, each moment and rejoice in all the small moments. Verbally and consciously praise Him even through worry and pain. Miracles will happen - whether in you, around you, or both. Trust, let go of knowing what is to come and continue in your ministry to your lovely family. Praying for you here in Florida. I'm kind of new at commenting on the blogs and such and don't know how to leave a name when this comment posts. My name is Stacey. I too am a homeschooling mom of 3, with an immense desire to adopt sibling groups.
Ezmeralda 4/11/10

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