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This is such a popular item in families today and has been for a number of decades, but not for forever.

AKA – “Also known as”, was used to introduce pseudonyms, aliases, nicknames, working names, legalized names, pen names, and maiden names.

Now nicknames have really grown to be very popular. You need one as a Password online or video gaming. Some nicknames you might even recognize from the person’s real given name. Examples include: Twinkle, Firefly, Clover Rabbit, or Jester.

Other traditional nicknames are based on a person’s given names. Examples: Elizabeth can be Beth, Liz, Betty, Lizzie or Richard can be Dick, Rick, Rich, Dicky.  

Any form of an ‘also known as’ or especially a nickname may have been used by your ancestor. Be aware of this when researching. 

Do a search engine investigation with the given name of an ancestor and look for other nicknames. Keep a list, it could prove handy. Keep in mind Nicknames can be based on their hair color, their personality, occupation, or appearance. 

How about YOU? Need a new nickname. Try this online site to provide some suggestions for a nickname for you.

Photos: What is Your Nickname; Various Nicknames and Nicknames for Charles.

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