Alabama County Marriage Records 1809-1950

The southern state of Alabama has a long history. You may have had an ancestor who was married in one of the counties of Alabama between 1809 and 1950. That is a very long period from which at least an index was kept of marriage records. If your ancestor lived in any of the bordering states (Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, and Tennessee) they could have gone to Alabama to be married.

Using this free online site from you can investigate if an ancestor was married in Alabama, covering 1809 to 1950. There are over 1.2 million marriage records available.  

Place the surname and a given name of either the bride or groom. Remember there could have been different spellings years ago. Plus these records are for individuals deceased. If they married in 1950 and are still living the records are not available.

Either the image of the scanned records or the written index can be downloaded and saved to your computer if you find a family record.

Photos: ‘Sweet Home Alabama’, bride and groom in 1900 and Map of Alabama and neighboring states.

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