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ala-soldierWas the state of Alabama a place of residence for any of your ancestors, then you will want to check out the Alabama Dept. of Archives and History Digital Collections. Of special interest is the Alabama Photographs and Pictures Collection.

This large image collection has over 15,000 pictures, illustrations and photographs relating to Alabama over the years, plus they are always adding to the collection. The time frame starts in the 1800s and runs to 1999. There is a search box at the top of the page.

You can also review the varied categories listed, ranging from buildings, transportation, soldiers, historic sites, education and the Civil War in Alabama. There are some 685 images just for the Civil War section. If your ancestor was an Alabama Confederate officer, it is a good chance his photo is in the collection. But beside those from Alabama, there are images of regular soldiers and officers from other states, who later moved to Alabama, so they are in the collection.

house un ala

For buildings there are over 3,000 images. These include business, government, private buildings along with residential homes. Under schools there are 480 images. You might just find the school building one of your ancestors attended in the collection. For churches there are 404 images, ranging from the simple rural church to the big city church along with ministers.

Each image has a thumbnail-small image and you can click on it to enlarge the photo and it can be saved to your computer. school alaScroll down and any information on names, locations and dates will be listed.

Photos: C.S.A. – 4th GA Inf. soldier James Lafayette Greer, who later lived permanently in Alabama. A home on the campus of the Univ. of Alabama that dates to 1829 and given in 1879 to the Univ. President Josiah Gorgas. Children, teacher and other adults in front of the school in Cleburne Co., Ala. around 1910.


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