Alice L. Luckhardt, Genealogist

As a native Floridian and former teacher at Stuart Middle School, for the last 18 years Alice has been a historical and genealogical researcher and writer with print articles in Ancestry, Florida Monthly, Internet Genealogy, History, Discovering Family History, South Florida History, Family Chronicle, Fort Pierce, Jupiter, Genealogical Helper and Reminisce Magazines. There are also historical e-magazine articles online with Suite 101 and Yahoo Associated Content. Since 2006, three books have been published; “Legends ~ Family Stories and Myths,” “The Invincible Alice” and “O. B. Padgett ~ A Florida Son”.

Since 2009 she has been a member of the ‘Operation eBook Drop’ project seeing that electronic books are sent to military service personnel stationed overseas free of charge.

In April 2010, Alice placed 3rd in the nation for writing an outstanding genealogical magazine article, sponsored by ISFHWE (International Society of Family History Writers & Editors). The article published in Discovering Family History was titled; “Evoking Family Stories.” It explained to the readers how to begin and develop a partial or complete written record on an ancestor’s life story.

In mid-2010, Alice started writing and developing genealogical material and articles for On the Genealogy Blog for site she tries to have the newest and freshest ideas and stories to assist all levels of family history researchers.

Over the years, she has done extensive research and writings on famous and non-famous individuals for several clients. Her historical articles have examined the more unusual characters and events throughout history including: Pvt. Wesley Wagoner at Belle Isle, RAF Cadets at Arcadia, Lewis T. Powell & the Lincoln Assassination, the Miami Aquarium, Rex Beach, Dr. George L. Porter & the Lincoln Conspirators, Secret Service Agent Craig & Teddy Roosevelt, Ralph Rubin, Pirate Don Pedro Gilbert, Richard Pavlick & President Kennedy, Mary Shaw Leader at Gettysburg, Frank Tyndall & the naming of Tyndall Air Force Base, Stirling & Harmon Elliott & their inventions, Capt. Thomas Mantell & a UFO as well as the 19th century life-saving keepers and their families along the Florida east coast.

In the monthly newsletter for the Stuart Heritage Museum, she provides an interesting historical vignette about people or places in Stuart. Since January 2012, she and her husband, Greg, have written a weekly column for the local newspaper, the Stuart News about interesting and unusual historical events in Martin County, FL.

Alice can be reached at her email address for any genealogical and historical projects: [email protected]

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