American Revolutionary Rolls 1775-1783

Using the free to use ‘FamilySearch‘ online you can investigate if you had any ancestors who were listed on available American Revolutionary Military Rolls covering 1775 to 1783. The collection consists of images of muster rolls, payrolls, strength returns, and other personnel, pay, and supply records of the American Army during the Revolutionary War. The collection of over 93,000 rolls is arranged by type of service, military unit, and jacket or folder number. To help you find your ancestor in this collection, place the state name they may have served with and if possible the military unit.

Place the ancestor’s name but remember there could be a different spelling of the surname from the 1770s. Under ‘residence’ place a colony / state name. The images of the rolls are handwritten and can be difficult to read. However, there is an index transcribed of the basic information. Attempting to read the handwritten image could provide more information.

Note when just one date is given doesn’t mean they only served that day rather that was the date the roll of names was done.

Photos: Benjamin Johnson from Maryland served October 1778 as a ‘fifer’ (a non-combatant military occupation of a foot soldier who originally played the fife during combat); and a South Carolina farmer as a soldier; Ezekiel Wilson, a private from South Carolina serving July 1, 1779.

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