American Slang to Family Stories

As you gather information on your ancestors and even do a bit of writing short stories about a specific branch or relative, keep in mind the time period they lived in. You will include about historical events that may have affected their lives but one item you may have not thought of – the American slang phrases that ancestor used during their life.

Yes, various slang terms were used quite commonly, just like certain phrases or terms today. You will what to learn some of these phrases and see where you can place them in a write-up on a certain family living during a specific time.

This online site has about 88 American slang terms and phrases and what they mean for the 20th century. True slang terms were used in the 19th century but right here are some for your more current ancestors.

Examples include:


Hanging – referred to something being excellent – great quality.


Duck Soup – something very easy to achieve or complete.


Orchid – an item that was expensive or costly.


Eggs in Coffee – Things are running smoothly.


Cook with gas – doing an event or chore perfect, just right.


Ankle-biter – referred to a youngster, a child.


Five Finger Discount – to steal an item from a store


What a fry – any person or thing that is weird or crazy.


Bag your face – the person is ugly, they need to cover their face.


Cheddar – referred to cash or money.

Some interesting phrases here.

Photos: 1900 Fashions; teen boys in 1925 and lady’s fashions in 1955.

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