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If you have ever had the opportunity to explore through your grandparents’ attic, old photo albums, family steamer trunks, a box filled with vintage letters, etc., then you had the chance to see the documents and personal possessions that were important enough to your relatives to be saved. For those with ancestors who have lived in the United States for at least one or two generations and longer, then those family heirlooms would be examples of Americana.

An online site titled ‘Click Americana‘ brings into the digital age a method to preserve a family’s heirloom, their legacy and also share with people in all corners of the globe. By examining some of the bits and pieces of places and families from similar locations you can get an improved perspective of their lives.

The collection of Americana covering from 1820 to 1980s is very wide, spanning decades and topics. There are old newspaper articles, documents, diaries, family treasured recipes, school-related material, transportation, farms, historical events, fashion styles, sports, home life, etc.

At the top of the home page are the categories from which to select. If you just wanted to look at a certain time frame, go to ‘Eras’ and make your selection. Under 1850s, numerous sub-categories appear, ranging from wedding and bridal styles, home decorating, vintage advertisements, and the newest inventions of the 1850s. Under the 1920s is a wide variety of topics. Learn more about wedding styles and practices in the 1920s, the opening of Egypt’s King Tut’s tomb, popular silent movies, the effect of Prohibition (no sale of alcohol) on the public, favorite pine needle crafts and special Christmas candy of the 1920s.

There is a search box in the upper right corner of the homepage to look for a specific topic. Besides everyday names and items, you can look for any of the celebrates of a certain period.

There is a good amount relating to US Presidents, along with names such as Annie Oakley, Lucille Ball, Albert Einstein, Walt Disney, etc.

Look over the many traditional recipes available, there could be the one your great grandmother was famous for making.

So overall an interesting site which can provide some great insights into the life of your ancestors.

Photo: One-room school in Hecla, Montana in 1893 with teacher, Blanche Lamont.

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