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Save your researchUsing software programs on a computer such as Family Tree Maker, Legacy or  RootsMagic are great methods to organize the collection of ancestral names, dates, location and detailed information.  You put a good deal of time into researching and organizing the data on the software programs, you certainly do not want anything to happen to that hard work.

Backing up the work placed on the genealogical programs is essential and done often.  The methods available include placing the data on a computer disc (CD or DVD), a flash drive or an external hard drive system.  However, you have to stop and remember to do that procedure.

The online site of Backup My Tree has made the saving of your precious information very simple.  Their free system is automatic and stores all of the family trees and its complete information off-site, and would not be lost if something happened to your computer.

Any of the family tree formats for any of the software programs as well as those files in GEDCOM form, can be stored with the Backup My Tree system. It is as simple as click to its icon on the task bar – instructing the system to now download all the family files.  Even after you have made corrections or additions to your family tree, the Backup My Tree program will store the new and the former versions indefinitely in case you later need to refer to the information.

Besides saving the information, the family tree files become available to you wherever you may be using a different computer and the Internet.

First time on the site, register as a member, again no fees involved. You will be directed to install the Backup My Tree software application. This system is just for IBM computers, not available for the Mac system yet.  Once installed it will automatically locate all the family files and then upload those files for safe keeping. If there is a specific family tree you don’t want backed up that can be so designated.  There is even a manual method to upload files with installing the software. If you select to later to uninstall the program from your computer that can be done in the Windows Control Panel under Add/Remove Programs.

The automatic portion of the program is that it will scan the computer for the family files each time you boot up the computer.  It then starts working in the background while you are doing other activities on the computer to collect and store the family files.  There is no limit to the number of trees that can be backed up. Even if the Internet service should suddenly go offline, the system will resume right where it left off once the computer is back online.

When you need your file on another computer, you go to My Trees, select the tree you need and click download.

For the family researcher saving the family files is very important and this free site makes the saving process extremely quick, easy and secure.

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