Using the online auction and sale site of eBay is wonderful to possibility locating a lost family photo or heirloom. There is a similar site known as ‘Ancestorville‘.

Debra Clifford as an antique dealer sees thousands of family photos all the time and knew there had to be a method to reunite these items with family members. So on the online site ‘Ancestorville‘ was created. She focuses on vintage photos with information. She adds additional information on the person or family in the photo if she can. This helps the viewer know if this is indeed an ancestor. 

Each photo is priced and can be purchased. You can get the original vintage print or a digital copy for a much lower cost. She is based in Massachusetts but has photos from across the nation.

To search, names can be used, or a town’s name or a time period. There are also calling cards (like a business card) and photo postcards which can be super to add to the family heirlooms.

Just like you should check what is on eBay, check out this Ancestorville once a month, could be some surprises for sure. 

Photos: About 1905 – Rev. OBED JACOB WHITE (1858-1934); calling card in 1880 for Jacob William D Seigman in Beaver Creek, MD; and Mary Kooser Sargent and her friend Sally Zimmerman in May 1907 photo postcard at Corey Island.

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