Ancestral Weather

weather-snow-Idaho-1952As you gather information on where and how your ancestors lived, a most important element often overlooked is the ‘weather’. Yes, the climate and weather conditions your ancestors experienced can make a big difference in how they lived.

The NOAA – National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration just might have some answers on their site. Place in the search box what type of weather observations — like monthly or annual rainfall, snow or temperatures. Then select a time period — the year or month and year. Keep in mind not all places or surrounding areas might have all dates available. For the Search keyword or term, place a city or town or county name. For very small towns, you would need to place nearby larger towns. weather-flooding in Kansas

You may have to try different locations with different time frames to zone into a time your ancestors lived in a specific area. If successful, a list of locations close or in the area and time period you chose will appear. You can then click on a specific one for details.

Select from the different links on the left side for more information and charts. There will also be a map of the area so you can see neighboring places.

If you find something of interest make note of the event and time frame, so you can do further research in the local newspapers or with the hometown museum, an excellent resource. weather-Dust Storm Boise City

So just another avenue to learn more about your ancestors — check the weather conditions with the NOAA. If might explain why a family moved or doesn’t have certain family artifacts and ephemera.

Photos: Snow fall in Idaho in 1952; Kansas flooding in 1951 and Dust storm in Oklahoma in the 1930s.

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